Tuesday, March 31, 2009

34 week update

Saw my midwife yesterday, and I'm still measuring a week ahead. Praying that it holds true! I am so DONE with being pregnant right now. :)

Even though I have plenty to do to keep me busy until then, I'm sure. There's a room to paint pink, and lots of sewing to do. And the crib needs a fresh coat of paint too...

It's time for nesting!

This week I've been working on getting the house settled and rooms moved around. The Marshalls moved out last weekend, and so now it feels like our house is just huge! The boys are so excited to be back in their old room again...Simon kept saying, "Thank you, Mommy, for my bed. Thank you! I looooooove it." He was very into the details as we were moving everything back in - arranging things and neatly stacking toys in the closet. He is so very different than Ethan - it is interesting to see his personality come out.

Yesterday when he woke up from his nap, he came over to the couch to cuddle with me. He laid his head on my belly, hugged me, and said, "I love my baby sister."

So sweet.

And then he asked, "Can I teach her how to run faster than Ethan when she comes out?"

I am just so curious how she will fare in this house full of boys - will she be a total tomboy???? :) Because honestly, the two brother dynamic is so different than just one. If the boys are apart, they are so much calmer. We notice a huge difference when Dave or I take just one of them along on errands. But put the two of them together, and there is immediate competition of some sort...to see who can be the loudest, the silliest, the strongest, etc... it is crazy!

And I know that it's only the beginning....


HopiQ said...

Look how cute the boys' room looks! I love how the beds look. Now I want to see the other side of the room! :)

We are enjoying our little home...it's so much fun getting settled. Thank you for all your help, especially in getting the kitchen set up. I'm tweaking here and there (and got rid of some things), but pretty much left things where you put them. It made my job a lot easier.

Kelly said...

I am praying for you! I'm sure your house seems so big now! Do you need any extra help with getting the room ready? I can drive in on a day off next week if I can be of help! I'll give you a holler later this week so think on it, ok?

Your boys are sooo sweet! It will be so fun to watch them dote a baby sister! How sweet to see how Si is already loving his sister!

Lynn said...

How funny that not only is Simon competitive with Ethan, but that he also wants his sister to beat him!

What fun to look forward to a little girl. Maybe you'll get a mix like Rebekah - half the time she wants to be in frills AND a ball cap :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are getting so close! When you see that countdown at 39 days, doesn't it seem amazing that she is almost here? . . . and yet that last month takes FOREVER! UGH! Your boys will do great with a baby sister! Jillian loves both of her siblings but seems especially taken with Jadon. Something about those protective big brothers :)

Kari said...

You are getting so close to having that little girl. I'm so excited for you to have some pretty girly thing in the house. The boys will be so protective and loving I'm sure...one blessed little lady.
Wish I could be there to help you paint and get ready. Sounds like a lot of fun. Just don't overdo it.

jenica said...

You are so right about boys (plural) wreaking more havoc. I think that's the only reason I put my boy in the calm category - because he doesn't have a brother.

I bet a little girl will bring out an even more tender, soft side of your boys.
Can't wait to hear of her to arrival!

bandanachick said...

Aww, Si is so sweet! I can imagine both your boys will love your little girl so much. Austin is always hugging and kissing on his sister too.
I wish I could be there to help you. I love getting nurseries together, they are so fun to decorate, especially girl ones. Have fun, and enjoy this time!

Eryn said...

your boys are going to be the best big brothers! it will be so neat to see.