Sunday, February 19, 2012


From a few weeks ago:

It's dreary and rainy outside today. The rustle of the bushes up against the house and the soft drizzle I see on the window make me glad I'm staying in for most of the day. But I love it. Little people sleep longer on days like this, and when they are awake they want to cuddle under blankets and listen to book after book. We've done a few chores today, but mostly we've just snuggled.

In all honestly, I prefer the sun over grey skies. Summer is my season, and I love the heat and the vitamin D-induced mental stability. :) But I have learned to see the benefits of a day without sun - and other less than favorite circumstances too.

The Lord has been teaching me about His perspective recently - learning to be thankful for what He brings instead of only viewing it from my own vantage point. Because there are always two ways to look at something. Just like grey skies. Will I choose to really see His hand in things? Or will I focus on what I would rather be doing?

For me, this has been the key to joy - thankfulness in all things.

Today while I was studying for BSF, this thought jumped out at me in the notes. It was in reference to Paul's third missionary journey {we're studying Acts}, and the continuous persecution and physical and spiritual hardships he faced along with his daily tent-making. Yet some of his weightiest books were written during this time.

Let us not pray for easier lives but for greater power...blessing out of every pressure and trial.

It challenged me - when I am tempted to be discouraged or overwhelmed, I can cast myself on Him and ask for extra strength to face the trial. Who knows what blessing God will bring out of it!


From today:

The kids are in bed, and Dave is out getting the last of my groceries for the week, sweet guy that he is. Tomorrow the boys are out of school, so I didn't want to grocery shop on their day off - and besides, after my last grocery shopping trip with everyone {after which I called him and ranted on and on}, he informed me that I need to stop doing that {shopping with kids, not the ranting, although he'd probably prefer I not do that either}. I should say, the kids aren't really the problem...they are pretty well-behaved in the store, actually. It is more that I can't think when I'm in there with everyone, or even a few of them. And that leads to very lengthy shopping trips and major frustration on my part. Pretty sure this fourth kid is just sending me over the edge. ;) How did I ever manage multiple patients in the ICU??? Anyway, he is sweet, and always has a solution to every problem I ever face {smile}. Today that meant I went to Aldi in the afternoon, and he went to Dillons for me later. Love him.

I have been sitting here praying over this crazy week ahead, asking the Lord for grace and strength to do His will each day. On paper, it looks almost impossible, and I'd already rather hide at home instead {not an option}. But I was reminded again of what I wrote above, and how an easier life is not my goal. More blessing from the Lord, more of His strength, more glory to Him - these are my goals. I think I will be praying a lot this week!

Here is my list of thanks for the week - the Lord has been so faithful to me:

130. Mondays and the chance to lay all my plans at His feet

131. Sick girlie snuggles

132. Rearrangement of schedules

133. A very kind Headmaster who understands boys

134. Encouragement from those who have already trekked this road

135. Give Them Grace

136. Valentine's breakfast with the fam

137. A gentle dentist

138. Saturday jobs

139. Peace in our home

140. The most loving, amazing daddy for my children

141. Snuggling the oldest - a rarity!

142. Sushi and dark chocolate, a grocery store treat from my dearest

143. God's evident goodness, despite the raging storms in my heart that threaten daily to overturn my boat. Yet He remains faithful to His Word and to His character; my part is simply to cling to Him.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

5 months

My little guy is 5 months old.


I am just cherishing these sweet days with him.


Things I want to remember:
  • He's cooing and giggling, just start screeching too. He has found his voice!
  • He loves to grab for toys
  • Sometimes he sleeps through the night, sometimes he doesn't. Getting close though.
  • He rarely fusses.
  • Still wearing 3-6 month clothing.
  • Loves his exersaucer.


I'm still eating dairy free for the babe - he is worth it though! He is a much happier guy when I do!