Friday, July 22, 2011

Estes trip, part 2

The second half of our week in Estes we stayed down around town - we rented boats, picnicked, biked, shopped, took naps, did lots of reading, went swimming, ate lots of homemade ice cream from shops downtown and took walks around our cabin. There was some excitement when a chipmunk got into the house one evening, especially since my dad had just broken his glasses and was wandering around blindly in the living room with a big stick. :)

I think our boys' favorite day was when we packed a lunch and headed to the park to play...some neighbor boys joined them, the nerf guns came out, and all of a sudden there was a major nerf war going on. All the boys against Dave and Nate. And then the sprinkler system came on... it was boy heaven. ;)

The day we spent at Lake Estes was beautiful. We rented a pontoon boat and a fishing boat for a little while and went a few times around the lake.





Camp fires and s'mores also make little boys happy. :)








And playing cars outdoors. It doesn't take much, really. :)

I was so very thankful for the gift of this vacation. It was a chance to escape the heat {which, for this pregnant momma, was simply amazing}, but the family time was so precious too. I love that our kids are old enough to really do things with now. They all love being active, and it makes me excited for the future and how much fun we are going to have together. Even Clare was such a trooper on our hikes - she is one strong girl!

I don't have any pictures of Michael on this trip or Aaron Quinlisk, but they were there with us Sunday through Tuesday. My kids adore their uncle and view him as a big playmate - thankfully he's a good sport. :) Aaron too.

We're home now and the temps in Kansas have been soaring. Well above 100 every day. Makes Colorado seem all the more dreamy right now. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wish I was back there...

We just got back from a wonderful week in Estes Park, Colorado - the whole Renes family stayed in a cabin together {except for Matt and Erica, who are in the midst of camp season right now}. It was wonderful weather, 70's during the day and 50's at night - which was such a relief from this heat wave that is hitting the midwest right now.

Today in Topeka the heat index was 111. Um yeah.


Just being in the cooler weather brought my activity level way up - I didn't think there was any chance I'd want to hike this trip {I'm 34 weeks now}, but I did and actually enjoyed it.



Ruth and I were a bit of a spectacle on the trails though - big pregnant bellies and lots of little kids running between us - made for lots of comments. :)


Tuesday was the beginning of Rooftop Rodeo, and there was a parade downtown to kick things off. Lots of pretty girls on horses mostly, and some firetrucks and farm equipment. Good ol' small town parade. The kids loved it {although Austin wasn't too sure when we first got there - hence the face ;) }.


Just down the hill from our cabin was Fun City - go carts, mini golf, bumper boats, etc... the kids begged to go any time there was a lull in activity. Pretty much every day. ;)








One of several elk we had venture right up to the cabin.








Night sky in Estes. More pictures to come!


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Holiday weekend fun

The evening of the 4th we went out to the farm for some BBQ and fireworks. My kids have no idea how lucky they are - I never even lit a sparkler until I was an adult. :)


Bruce and Penny's house is up for sale {they want to move into town}, so this may be last 4th we celebrate on their back porch. A tad sentimental, for sure. The Everhart farm is a treasure.


So is this man I married 9 years ago. {Almost} 4 kids later, I really can't imagine life without him. He is so loving, and gentle, and steady. I had no idea what an amazing husband and father he would be when we said our vows that hot day in July.


The two of us got away for a night t0 celebrate, while my parents watched the kids. So sweet of them. Not sure who enjoyed it more - us or the kids - because they really don't see enough of Grandma and Grandpa Renes. So it was a very special treat.

Dave took me shopping and out to an amazing seafood place, and we pretended we were young and not expecting our fourth and stayed up late and just had a great time together.

{In truth, I feel more like a beached whale than a newlywed, and its so hot that I find myself complaining altogether too much...but Dave is very tolerant of his very pregnant wife ;) }

We stayed at a beautiful hotel, slept until our eyes popped open, and then had a late breakfast. Just a perfect little getaway.



And then we came back to Kansas for the Everhart festivities. Always sure to be fun, and slightly dangerous. ;)




This view is for sale, by the way. :) They get the best sunsets out at the farm.


Clare's first sparkler was pretty exciting. I honestly don't believe a 2 year old is old enough to hold a burning stick, but her daddy apparently does. ;)



One last view of the sunset. So beautiful.


Monday, July 04, 2011

So many reasons to praise the Lord this week:

82. Watching my son work hard to overcome a batting slump.

83. 3 hits in one game.

84. Date night, and a little closer to having a name for our son.

85. Sweet neighbor friend for the boys to play with.

86. A night away with my love.

87. King Salmon special.

88. Watching my kids play with an old friend's kids - hoping lasting friendships form!

89. Piles of fabric on my dining room table.

90. A bed for Clare.

91. Learning to let go {a bit} and trust Him with my children.

92. Collins Park parade - a hidden treasure

93. Shade

94. The special bond between my daughter and her Grandma Hart.

95. Lots of family time

96. 59 more days!