Tuesday, March 03, 2009

End of the season thoughts

Last night we went to the Upwards basketball awards ceremony, along with 500 or so other proud parents and grandparents. It was way too long to be crammed into a gym, but still so fun to watch Dave's kindergarten team on the screen during the season video.

Over the last few months, Dave has said repeatedly that he will never coach basketball again (read: kindergartners are not too skilled yet in the coordination necessary to play this sport and it kills him!), but I am hoping he doesn't really mean it. He did such a good job. And just about every parent on his team commented to me on his patience and work with their boys. By the end of this season, every single one of them had improved. And that is saying something!

It is so good to be done with it though, at least for awhile. Ethan is already talking about what sport he wants to play next. As we devoured icecream last night after the event, his eye caught a karate studio out the window and across the parking lot. Now he can't stop talking about taking karate lessons.

Dave told him that we'll think about it....at least it wouldn't require Dave to coach! LOL

Lots of hard things in life seem endless when we're in the midst of them, but looking back we see the benefit of the journey. It's a perspective issue, I guess. When Dave started the season with these young, clumsy boys, he almost instantly regretted signing up for the job of coaching. Of course, he is committed to being involved with our kids and their lives and spending as much time with them as possible, so coaching their teams is his plan.

But what had sounded so fun and noble in the beginning, quickly became a huge, undesirable task. Why do this? It's too hard. What is the point anyway?

I find myself there far too often - we probably all do. Eager to begin to obey the Lord, but loosing strength to follow through.

His daily appointments, while they may seem so hard at the time, do have a planned end. He, of course, knows what He is doing, and when the "season" is over, His purposes will be better seen. When its all said and done, and our perspective isn't so clouded by the endlessness of the task He asks of us, we can focus our eyes of faith and catch a glimpse of what He was doing all along.

And there is help to be had along the way. I'm so glad of this...

Elizabeth Elliott writes, "Sometimes a task we have begun takes on a seemingly crushing size, and we wonder what ever gave us the notion that we could accomplish it. There is no way out, no way around it, and yet we cannot contemplate actually carrying it through. The rearing of children or the writing of a book are illustrations that come to mind. Let us recall that the task is a divinely appointed one, and divine aid is therefore to be expected. Expect it! Ask for it, wait for it, believe that God gives it. Offer to Him the job itself, along with your fears and misgivings about it. He will not fail or be discouraged. Let His courage encourage you. The day will come when the task will be finished. Trust Him for it."

My husband, of course, finished his task. And I think he would say now that he is glad he did. I think. :) The rest of us looking on were so thankful for his perseverance anyway.

As a wife, mom, and woman of God, there are so many hard tasks that have a seemingly crushing size in my life. Sometimes I cannot actually fathom getting through them, much less getting through the day.

I am too quick to forget that His appointment brings His help.

When I remember to ask for it, to run to Him first when the task at hand seems insurmountable, then I can say with the prophet Isaiah,

"The Lord God will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded, therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed."


HopiQ said...

Our God is so great! and so good! Yes, the task(s) seem impossible, insurmountable, and too much for us to handle, but what a privilege we have to "cast our burdens on the Lord" and receive strength for each moment. He will sustain us and uphold us. I read the same devo from E. Elliot this morning, and I loved hearing your thoughts on it.

bandanachick said...

I love that quote by Elizabeth Elliot, I think I need to print it off and read it daily.

Eryn said...

good thoughts. things i have been thinking on.