Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday thoughts

Almost December...its a busy time of year! We made it through Thanksgiving, traveling to my parents' and then hosting Dave's family, and some wonderful days of just us too. We have reached the stage in family life where time together with just the 5 of us is really, really fun! Playing games or wii together, talking, laughing...I am very thankful for this. As much as I love my babies, I love the relationship that age brings.

This should be a quieter week, I think. Today has been anyway. Time to read my Bible and plan the meals while little people play, no urgent chores or events to rush off to. Dinner is in the oven, and we'll pick up Ethan from school before too long. Days like this are such a gift!

And just for fun...a few pics from Halloween. :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bunch of Pilgrims

I was able to help in Ethan's class today. Love, love, LOVE to do this! Someday when all my kids are in school I want to be up there way more than I am now, but for the time being, I volunteer when I can find a sitter for Clare (she's not the quietest kid!).

Today was the 1st grade Thanksgiving Party, and Simon and I were in charge of bringing the stuff to make mini cornbread muffins. It is so much fun to be in the classroom and get to know E's friends. They are just so cute! Simon just sits and takes it all in...probably thinking about his turn to go to school. ;) It does look pretty dreamy!

Every time I am there, Ethan's desk is in a different spot. I think he talks a little too much. ;)

Actually, I know he does...but he has been working on it. This year has been considerably harder for him - not academically, but definitely behaviorally. He of course has trouble sitting still (from the looks of it, most of them do), but its not just that. He flies through his work and then while others are still writing, he talks. :) Or tries to make someone laugh. Or gets out of his seat. Not good. So we've had lots of talks and creative discipline...and it seems to us (and to his teacher) that his heart is to do what is right, even though he struggles making the day to day choices about it.

He is learning to take more time on his school work, focus on penmanship and making things neat. And to write his *observations* down for his teacher to read later, instead of blurting them out right away. :)

It has been so encouraging to us to see him actually succeed. To see his face light up when he can give a good report at the end of the school day. It has been a good opportunity to talk about authority and respect...and God's grace for when we mess up. And His ever present help too. So many things to learn when you're 6. :)

This Thanksgiving I'm very thankful for a school where the Word of God is taught and where they place value on applying it to the issues of life. For teachers who love your children and pray for wisdom in how to train their hearts. And for little boys who truly want to obey.

Even when it's way more fun to make the whole class laugh! ;)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Reading about Joseph this morning. Genesis 45. What an example he is to me! Despite being mistreated by his brothers and sold into slavery (and presumed dead by his father), when he sees his brothers again, he is gracious with them. He doesn't want them to feel guilty about it! (how is this even possible???)

He says, "God sent me before you to preserve a posterity for you in the earth, and to save your lives by a great deliverance. So not it was not you who sent me here, but God..." (vs.7,8)

Two things stuck out to me this morning. First, it seems to me the reason Joseph could so quickly forgive those who had hurt him was because he had a firm grasp on the sovereignty of His God. He knew that ultimately it was God who sent him to Egypt, not his brothers. He could say with confidence, "You meant this for evil, but God meant it for good."

Wow, I could use a little more of that attitude in my own life!

Second, I was just really impressed by Joseph's ability to see the purpose of God in the situation. He could get past his own feelings and look objectively at what God was doing. How many times have I let my feelings get in the way of walking in faith??? Focusing on the frustration, instead of imagining the bigger picture. Too many times to count!

And yet, in Joseph's life I see a peace that I want. He had vision for what great things God could do with his life. And he embraced it, even when it was hard. Lord, help me to think this way! Cause me to see the spiritual significance of my day to day circumstances. I want to be available to You!

Going through pics's been awhile since I've posted anything, so there were lots to choose from. :) These are from back in October. We met my sister and her kids at the pumpkin patch for lunch.

These two really love each other. It's so sweet!

Dave surprised me and took the day off. That's just about the best surprise ever! :)

We didn't have much luck with the family pics. :)

Having too much fun with my sister living close now! I am very, very thankful for the blessing of family, especially for my kids' sake.

All for now...