Thursday, April 02, 2009

A day at home can be a good thing

My kitchen window makes me smile. Simon picked every daffodil in bloom in the backyard for me - but I couldn't even be the slightest bit annoyed. He was so sweet and charming when he brought them in to me. Such a tenderhearted little man!

I was running a low-grade temp last night and just feeling kind of icky, so we stayed in today. I was bummed, because our MOPS meeting was this morning - and I love going. But Dave and I have a get-away weekend planned, so rest is essential. I don't want to miss this opportunity to spend time with my husband all alone...and maybe decide on a baby name too!

It turns out that a day of rest is what we all needed, I guess. By the end of yesterday I was ready to pull my hair out because of these wild banshees that I am apparently responsible for. :) I was frustrated, to say the least. Some days its like the noise level in this house gets way past what any sane person could tolerate...and other days, like today, well, sweet peace reigns.

Don't ask me what the difference is...I have no idea!

At lunchtime while we sat at the table together, I got out a couple books to read to them. One, Leading Little Ones to God, we bought on recommendation from a blog writer I love, and the other, A Child's First Book of Virtues, was given to us by our friend Barb V. The boys adore these books!

I must not read to them often enough, because they were so excited when I pulled them out. Ethan said, "Mom! This is just as good as watching a movie with popcorn! We get to listen to you read while we eat our yummy lunch!"

That kid never lacks enthusiasm, I'll say that much! :)

In the second book, we read several stories about the virtue of honesty. Always a good subject with preschool boys. Haha.

When I asked Ethan if he knew what the word honesty meant, he said, "yeah, it's like telling the truth, right?"

He thought for a moment and then sheepishly grinned up at me, "Remember when I used to get out chocolate chips without telling you and then I lied about it? That wasn't honesty."

Guess that made an impression on him! That was probably 6 months ago!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post! I think you do a great job with your kids. Your post made me think of the song Wynonna sings called "Peace in this House." Have you heard it? I don't agree with every single line of it, but I love the sentiment of it. Have fun on your weekend away!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I can't help is the link:
Can you tolerate a few minutes of twang?
-Esther : )

Rachel said...

Thanks, Esther! That was a sweet song. And I never mind a little twang. :)

Kelly said...

Who knew such a sweet blessing would come from a day with a fever?! I'm so glad you were able to have sweet moments with your boys yesterday! Praying you have a nice relaxing weekend with Dave!!

Anonymous said...

I love those boys! What a blessing from the Lord! Yes, you are a good mom, Rach. Hope you are feeling better today. Love, Mom

bandanachick said...

Ha, Ethan's quotes crack me up!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend with Dave!

Anonymous said...

What fun to have a weekend away! Hope it was a blessing! Your boys say the cutest things - love the chocolate chip story!