Sunday, May 31, 2009

Little trip to Estes Park

Last weekend, for Memorial Day, we drove to Estes Park and stayed for a few days with some of Dave's family. It was a perfect little get-away, and even with a 3 week old, we had a wonderful time.

It's still pretty cool in Colorado this time of year, and when we hiked in Rocky Mountain National Park, there was still snow on the ground. Here are a few shots from the weekend.

Our family - minus one! She was staying warm in the car with Grandma. :)

Our group (except Grandma and Clare, of course!), including Brittney's friend Nichelle and Chris' girlfriend Alex.

Chris and Alex

View around Bear Lake

The boys had so much fun sliding around on the snow and climbing up rocks - Colorado is a dream come true for little guys!

Dave and the boys

Kim and Brit

Hmmm...not sure what is going on here???

I am irresistibly drawn to my little boy's eyes. Can't. get. enough.

Dave and Si Si

Nichelle and Ethan

Glacier Falls

One of the many elk we saw - there were tons of them everywhere

On top of Trail Ridge Road

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Clare's room

Life is moving at such a fast pace these days, leaving me without much time for some of the things I love most. Like blogging. Yeah, that obviously hasn't been a priority! But I miss it, and want to remember these wonderful days. So I'm going to make an attempt to write a little more if I can.

Clare is a wonderful baby - she sleeps well, eats well - and well, what more can you ask?! At 3 weeks now, she has experienced a lot in her short little life - kisses galore from adoring big brothers, lots of walks to the park, 2 minor surgical procedures, a trip to Wichita, 2 graduation ceremonies, a trip to Colorado, our first trip to the grocery store with all 3 kiddos, and all of the other stuff that has happened in between. Her laid back personality (for now, anyway!) has made it easy to resume life as normal.

And I am so glad to get back to normal again! Those last few months of pregnancy were killer!

For now she is sleeping in our room at night, although I think that will change soon. Oops, just saw another thing that I need to catch up on...filling those picture frames!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The first week

10 days old - time is just flying by around here. And even though I've intended to take lots of pictures of her, my time is mostly spent just holding sweet Clare. Life is mostly peaceful and serene...and I'm soaking up the moments with my daughter.

The boys are enjoying lots of Grandma time, but she is leaving in a couple days. The real test will be on Monday when I am by myself with the 3 of them for the first time (as in, can I really do this?????).

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Little evangelist

At bedtime tonight....

Ethan: "Dad, maybe this is the night that we make Simon go to heaven."

Dave: "oh yeah?"

Ethan: (goes over to Simon's bed) "Simon, do you trust in the Lord Jesus as your Savior?"

Simon: (thinks for a minute) "Nope."

Ethan: "Okay then, well, you'll have to go to h*ll."

Simon: "Turkey Hill?"

Friday, May 08, 2009

She's here!

On Monday afternoon, May 4th, Clare Addison joined our family. She made a quick entrance - I wasn't even sure I was in labor when we went into the hospital, but a short while later, she was born. We are just so thankful to have her here and doing so well!

Clare was 8 lbs, 3 oz and 21 inches long. She was so alert at birth, but we have barely seen her eyes since. She likes to sleep apparently! (hoping this continues) Right now I am snuggled up in bed with her on my chest for some afternoon cuddles, her favorite way to nap.

I'll post more pictures soon!