Monday, July 31, 2006


Ethan and I were playing in the backyard today, and he had his first conversation with the wind.

Ethan (pointing his finger at the sky with a scowl): "Stop, wind, I no like you!"

It was rather windy, and he's decided that he's a little scared of the wind.

Ethan: "Why wind no stop?"

Me: "Um.......Ethan, we can't tell the wind to stop. God makes the wind blow, and there's nothing to be scared of."

Ethan: "No, no, wind. Very naughty." (spanks his own thigh with his hand)

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Getting Started

Hi everyone. We're looking forward to sharing a little bit about what's going on these days, in hopes that, by doing so, we'll consciously sit back and notice the goodness of God in our lives. Reflection is beneficial, I think. We'll give it a try, anyway. More to come! Oh, and we'll try to post fun pics of the boys too!