Saturday, June 28, 2008

Boys of mine

Oh, I love you, boys of mine.

Is there anything sweeter than the spontaneous kisses of a two year old son or the endless backseat questions from an inquisitive four year old? I can't think of anything. I do look forward to the years ahead, when you will grow up to be men like your daddy, but a part of me will always cherish this. This summer...this string of endless, happy days in the sun, swimming, and playing, and laughing together. We are having a great time.

I am one blessed mom to have the 2 of you.

Ethan, I love that Simon calls you, "Wudar" even though he has been able to pronounce his B's for quite some time. It is cute and endearing, and he obviously wants to be just like you. It really encourages me to see that you are starting to talk so sweetly to him.

We had such a good time tonight, just the 3 of us. You are growing up, and it shows. I love your sweet spirit and enthusiasm for life. And the way you never meet a stranger. At daddy's company picnic last night, almost immediately you had found a friend and were off playing. I hope that making friends will always be this easy for you!

Simon, you are such a character. Quick to laugh, or clown around. But I often find you playing all by yourself in your room, lining up cars in a methodical way. Talking away, like they can hear you. Your favorite is Lightning McQueen ("he's faster than fast; he's lightning!") and you rarely let him out of your sight, even to sleep. ;)

Case in point - I spotted him in this candid shot from a few weeks ago, while you were eating dinner on the deck. I wonder how long this obsession will last?

My mom told me once that of all the parenting that she and Dad did, she thought that praying for us kids had the most impact in our lives. And that really spoke to me. I pray every day for you boys, that you will see your need for a Savior, that you will listen to His voice, and that you will grow up to be men of God. We are imperfect parents, but still, He is pursuing you - I can tell.

Ethan, tonight at dinner you prayed, "Um, God, thanks for dying on the cross, and um, you know that fire place that you have? Well, please take me to heaven instead. 'Cause I really want to go there. I love you, God, and, um, thanks for the food too. InJesusnameamen."

At the food court at the mall. Quite loudly, in fact.

Love it. I'll keep praying for you boys. :)


Kim & Dave said...

Thanks for the reminder to be praying for my kids!

Off to do that right now!

Hope you have a good Lord's Day!

Marcie said...

So sweet, the faith of a child. What tender hearted boys you have! Thank you for reminding me of the importance to be on my knees for my little one.

Kelly said...

What a sweet post, Rachel. I pray for your boys, too, that they will grow up to be men of God, and that the Lord will continue to strengthen their mother and father during the journey!!

bandanachick said...

Oh wow, Rachel, that was so sweet. What a great reminder to me, to be praying for Austin.

Caleb and Anna said...

Ethan's prayer is so precious! Anna

BruinsDoins said...

Hi Rachel!
Oh to always keep the sweet, simple sincerity, and guileless faith of a child. Isn't it wonderful how the Lord created Families?! As parents we are to train up our children in the Lord, to prepare them for life, but our children also teach us about our true nature (totally dependent on Him) and remind us of what is really pleasing to Him. It is such a beautiful cycle!
I bet you're having fun surrounded by all your family right now!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post! Don't you just love seeing what God is doing in your kids?!!! Thanks for the reminder, too, to enjoy the kids at this stage. I get so tired and tend to just "get thru" the day so much of the time!