Monday, June 09, 2008

VBS 2008

Vacation Bible School is one of my favorite weeks of the year. Even though I know we'll be totally exhausted by Friday, I love every minute of it.

Ours started tonight and will go until Friday, when we have an all-family BBQ in the parking lot. We are praying that parents will come!

Ken Miller is here again, teaching on creation and the first few chapters of Genesis. We had around 40 kids tonight, and he definitely held their interest.

Ethan has been inviting everyone he knows to VBS. Thankfully he's had a few takers. :) A neighbor friend came with him tonight, and another friend too. On the way home tonight, Ethan and his friend were discussing how they can get more candy bars and who they could possibly invite. The incentive is working, but sadly half our neighborhood happens to be on vacation this week. I am not kidding.


Michelle said...

Wow, are schools out already over there?

dave & rachel said...

It's an evening VBS, but yes, school has been out for at least a few weeks now.

Christina said...

I always enjoy seeing pictures of a Ken Miller in his natural habitat.

I'll be praying. Dad is always saying what a great job you guys do in setting up special thinks for the kids. He especially enjoys your props. I half suspicion that he'd show up for VBS just to see the props, even if he wasn't teaching!

bandanachick said...

Good for E, inviting everyone. He is your little social butterfly.
We are praying for you guys this week.

Eryn said...

it looks amazing and fun. i love that you guys always have an amazing turnout.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised that Ethan is spurred on to invite others by the thought of chocolate. ( Am thinking of the chocolate chip episode) :) He must take after his grandma in that area. Mom

PS: I am praying for a major working of the Holy Spirit during this week at Topeka Chapel.