Sunday, June 01, 2008

In the Wilderness

In Sunday School today we were going through Exodus 15, the song of Moses, after the Israelites have passed through the Red Sea and their enemies have been swallowed up by the waters right behind them. They see the salvation of their God, and all they can think about is who it was who delivered them.

Not so much the gift, but the Giver. And their hearts were filled to overflowing with worship.

Looking back on what God had done, the outpouring of their hearts was to marvel about Him and trust Him for the future. Not just because of what He had done, but because of who He is.

They praised Him for being their salvation, their strength, their joy. Their peace, their guide, their inheritance. Because even though He gives those things, really He is giving of Himself... because He is peace, and He is joy, isn't He?

You can see that their focus is on the Giver, not on themselves, or even the blessings they have gained. The eyes of faith don't depend on external circumstances to draw the heart to worship anyway. They know with confidence that,

"His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness..." 2 Peter 1:3

no matter what the circumstances look like.

Granted, the Israelites had just seen the salvation of their God; all the aspects of life hadn't had time to get in the way. As they headed into the wilderness they would wander for the next 40 years, they were quick to switch their tune.

I am like that too. Quick to forget how wonderful He is.

But this wilderness stretching in front of me makes me want to look back to the Giver. If I know enough about who He really is, I can trust Him for all that is ahead.

Because after all, He gives of Himself.

flowers above are from Grandma E


Kelly said...

Thanks for reminding me that our Savior is the GIVER of all things a society that seems to promote complaining and ungratefulness, I am glad to be reminded that we serve a great God and have soo much for which to be thankful!

HopiQ said...

To keep our eyes on the Giver and not on the wilderness!!! Thank you for the reminder! May my response be heart-felt worship!!!

Kim & Dave said...

Sometimes we think we are so different than the Isrealites...then we realise, NOPE, the similarities are STRIKING!

We need to be reminded....& we need to remember that He is graciously providing for our EVERY need!

Anonymous said...

It is so true, if we can truly keep in mind who God is and what we know about Him, we can face anything. There will definately be times in life that test this, so reminding ourselves in the good times is a good thing.