Thursday, April 24, 2008

Soccer game #3

After a run to the food court at the mall, we all headed back to the field for a little more soccer goodness, since last Saturday's game was rained out and needed to be rescheduled. I am feeling the term *soccer mom.* How do people do this? Isn't Saturday supposed to be devoted to yard work and house projects?

Instead I'm left desperately wishing I understood what I'm doing with this camera in my hands. Maybe entering the whole organized sports phase will be motivation....

Before the afternoon round of games, they held player introductions. Basically the kids lined up and ran through the tent, streamers, and smoke bombs, while they blasted music and yelled their names. Ethan felt like he was a pro!

So did Christian!

And the game began, this time against Isaac's team. Isaac is the son of a guy Dave roomed with in college, Dan. Isaac is the dark haired boy a few paces in front of Ethan. That kid has energy!

Ethan is mesmerized by this little blonde beauty. He always tries to sit out when she does, so they can talk. :)

I'm in good company, I guess. Anne even buys her daughter a t-shirt proclaiming it!

Abby was quite content to pose for me all day.

Oops...gotta watch the field....


Get the ball!

Christian in motion - he is focused!

And this one just made me laugh...gotta chew those nails down from the pressure!

It was a good day. Ethan had a blast. Simon just kicked the ball up and down the slide lines the whole time, so he had fun too. Next time we'll try to remember sunscreen. Ethan's white skin was in shock from all those hours in the direct sun! I am a terrible mom. :(


Brooke said...

What fun for Ethan (and probably his Daddy)! I like the idea of letting them run through the streamers and stuff. I bet that is one of their favorite parts. :o)

We loved sports in our family too. Some of my best memories as a child are from the softball field. That's where April and I became best friends. :o) We played until we dropped and were so completely filthy. Ah... the good days.

Anonymous said...

Darling pictures! I love that one of E with the girl. But, you are going to have to watch him. He's a charmer! :) Mom

Jessie said...

Hopefully we will be able to come watch this Saturday.
Lots of fun.

Kelly said...

I love the pic of Ethan with the girl, too...oh, and the one of him chewing his nails! He looks like he is having so much fun!

Kim & Dave said...

Too cute, Rachel!!!

The Daniel Den said...

I am so glad that E and Christian were on the same team this year!! It has been so much fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've soooo been dragging my feet on entering the world of extra activities! :) Where did you sign up for soccer and how long does it last? It does look like good exercise and lots of fun for the kids!