Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Shots from soccer game #2

Ethan's team Lil' Surge played a double header on Saturday. Here's some shots from the early morning game against Camryn's team.

Ethan scored the first goal!

Ethan and his buddy Cam.


bandanachick said...

SO....last time Ethan was on the Upward team...? What do they switch team uniforms?
Very cute, I wish we could come see him play. You are a "soccer mom", Rachel!

dave & rachel said...

The league is Upward, actually. The jerseys are blue on one side and yellow on the other, and the home team wears yellow. He had his fleece over his jersey, because he was cold, but yes, he wore blue for his first game that day.

Kelly said...

Too cute! It looks like everyone is having fun running around and hopefully staying warm in the process!