Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Ethan's first soccer game

He has been talking about this for almost a year now, and the day finally came! It has been interesting to me how early my boys have been interested in sports. I doubt I was asking to play soccer when I was only 3 (I'm sure I had my head in a book, even then!), but Ethan has been begging since his 3rd birthday.

It was so cold on Saturday morning, and windy too. I love E's expression in this one; he was definitely not impressed with having to wear shorts in 40 degree weather.

I felt sorry for my frozen soccer player and let him wear my sweatshirt. It looked like a dress on him!

In the 4th quarter he got to play goalie, and he was very excited about this! He stopped 3 goals, I think, and then got to kick the ball back in each time. Forgive the horrible photos - I have to figure out how to take moving pics.

And so it begins, the life of a boy. :)


bandanachick said...

What a cute little soccer player!

I wouldn't want to play in 40 degree weather either...what a trooper!

Kelly said...

He is so cute, even if he looks really cold! One of these Saturdays I'll have to join you in the "stands"!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wish we were there (except for the cold :) ) Hopefully it will warm up for the next game. Let me know what his schedule of games are - we need to come up for one, if possible. Mom

Anonymous said...

If his season is long enough, I might be able to make a game. I hear dad knows a little about takeing moving pics.


dave & rachel said...

His season isn't very long - the games are Saturday mornings and I think the last one is the first weekend in May. When do you move to Tulsa, Michael?

Anonymous said...

Nope, I wont make it this season. I'm not moving until May 10th. E looks pretty serious in his pictures.


MagenRanae said...

:) That's so exciting for Ethan! I bet he really can't stop talking about soccer now! Is it as fun as he imagined?

Eryn said...

patrick played upward soccer last fall. he liked it. he even had the same uniform ethan did. boys do love soccer!