Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hall Bath Remodel

The hall bathroom is nearly done! Hopefully these pictures will do it justice. I was trying not to use my flash, so I had to edit them quite a bit. Yuck...I still need to put some effort into learning photography, don't I???!

By the way, I still need to paint the frame of the mirror I am hanging above the vanity, buy some hardware for the cabinet, and buy a vent cover. But technically, it is done!

Oh, and I need to choose a shower curtain. I am just not sure??? Help me out please. :) Surely the rest of you are more decisive than I am!

My first option is a blue silk panel with embroidery on it. It matches the walls well. This is Ethan's favorite, by the way. :)

I would iron it if it ends up staying, by the way. :)

The next option is a blue, tan, and chocolate stripe curtain. It is a Nautica pattern, which I like a lot. But does it go? Hmmm....not sure.

My original plan was a white curtain. This one from Target is quilted, which I love. Is it too plain?

So tell me what you think. Be honest! Should I just keep looking? I do have an opinion, but I think it will be fun to hear what you think!

I know the majority of you reading won't comment, so I'm including a poll for ya. Nice and anonymous.

Which shower curtain would YOU choose?
silk with embroidered flowers
white quilted
nautica stripe
something totally different
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Robin said...

okay, the silky one looks quite pretty to me. I'll be interested to see what you pick.

Shawna said...

I accidentally voted "something totally different" but that is not really what I meant. I like the white one A LOT, but I think your idea of having it monogrammed would look great. You know how I have issues with patterns though. :)

Reagan said...

Looking good!

bandanachick said...

So, I haven't voted yet, but my vote would be for something totally different.
My suggestion was going to be a white curtain with a monogram on it, but apparently you have already thought of that. :) If you are interested I can tell you a good place to order it from (since I have one in my bath). :)
I don't really like the silk one, I am not sure why...and I do like the nautical stripe one, but I just don't think it goes with the rest of the room that great.
Anyways, those are my thoughts. :)
Oh and I love the room, it looks SOO good!

Anonymous said...

All of them look like they are plastic.... do something else... =). However I can't really tell due to the picture... But I'm sure you'll pick something chic.

I hope you and your family enjoyed turkey hill... I'll be there this weekend.

Matthew (Your Brother)

dave & rachel said...

Ruth, yes, I've been looking for white cotton or linen, possibly with a monogram, but I can't find them anywhere. Where did you order yours from?

Christina said...

I am curious as to how you are planning to perfectly fold, repack, and return the one/ones that you don't choose.

You crack me up, silly girl.

dave & rachel said...

Ha, Christina. I have hidden talents. They are already folded and ready to go back. :) I have to see what things look like in my house!

bandanachick said...

Ha! I just looked at your votes and they are all even, 5 each...I bet someone did that on purpose...I am thinking Josh? :)

sarah said...

Looks great. I love the tile color...I love browns.