Thursday, October 18, 2007

CVS 10/21 - 10/27

For a complete list of all the EXTRABUCK OFFERS, go here

Here are the notable deals I’ve found for this week:

$4 EBs wyb (1) Bic Comfort3 Advance Shavers 4 ct. (limit 4) price $5.29
Use $2 off coupons = $.71 moneymaker!!! And you can do this 4 times!!! I have also read that there is a B1G1 free coupon out there too, which would make it a huge moneymaker.

$3 EBs wyb (1) of these Stomach Remedies (limit 1)
*Maalox, Gas-X, Ex-Lax, Benefiber, or Perdiem, asst. types. Prices starting at $2.69

There are $2 Benefiber coupons and $1 coupons for the other products, but this one is a moneymaker even if you don’t have coupons! Add the coupons for an even sweeter deal. Also check your CRTs because they frequently have a Maalox/Gas-Ex one out.

$2.49 EBs wyb (1) Renu Multiplus Travel Lit 2 oz. Plus Lens Case (limit 1) *$2.49

-$2.50 Renu Multiplus Printable 1 Or Printable 2

This is a moneymaker!!

This one also might be worth doing, especially if you have the B1G1 free coupon:

$2 EBs wyb (2) Herbal Essences Hair Care Products (limit 5)
*Shampoo, Conditioner 10.17 - 12 oz. or Styler 6 - 8 oz. $6/2
-B1G1 Herbal Essences Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling Product, any except trial (11-30-07) 10/14/ P&G
-B2G1 Herbal Essences Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling Product, any except trial (11-30-07)
-$1/1 coupons, $3/2 coupons

What other deals have you found?


Daniel said...

I can't download the printable coupons....I'm sure it is because we have a MAC. Do you know if I can find the Renu coupon elsewhere? BTW, thanks for your blogs on CVS! My friend and I have been going consistently on Sunday afternoons. Quite the thrill. I hope you feel better soon!

Michelle said...

I have a question for you. At the CVS I go to you can only use one EBC per transaction, so it's not really worth it to get the one to two dollar ones. Especially since I have to drive ten minutes to get there. Is that the rule at your CVS, too, or do they just have that here?

How are you feeling today?

dave & rachel said...

I have a MAC too, and I was able to do the second Renu printable. It only worked for me in Safari though. Which browser are you using? Firefox typically does not print stuff well, I have found.

I am excited that you are going to CVS, Rosa. You will have to keep me posted on how it is going for you!

dave & rachel said...

Are you sure that you can only use one ECB? The rule at our CVS is that you can use one CVS coupon (either an ECB or a CRT - cash register tape, the ones that say $1 off Excedrin, etc... or $4 off a $20 purchase) and one manufacturer's coupon PER ITEM you are buying.

For the most part, almost all CVS's hold to that rule, from what I've read online. You might try calling the customer service number on the back of your CVS card and ask them about what their rules are. Maybe they could talk to that particular store or send you something in writing to give to the store?

Another thing you could try is just asking to speak to the manager. Tell him or her that you really love their store and are excited to be shopping there and using their ExtraCare program. You can tell them about talking to customer service and what rules they explained to you, and then make sure they are on board with that. Often, the converted CVS's (old Osco's) aren't as familiar with the new rules.

Hope that helps!

Daniel said...

Well...that explains it! We only use Firefox, but I will try to find it elsewhere.
Thanks again!