Friday, April 27, 2007

On Staining the Deck

Dave has been hard at work sanding our back deck and prepping it to be stained. When we moved into our house 4 years ago, the deck was painted grey, which we weren't too fond of. So last summer we removed the stain with a power washer, and now we're finally finishing our project. Yesterday Ethan saw a couple of paint brushes and a can of wood stain on the kitchen counter.

Ethan: "Mom, what are you painting now?"

Me: "Dad is going to paint the deck."

Ethan: "What color? Black?"

After all, he probably doesn't think there is any other alternative, since everything we've painted recently has been black. :) Am I the only one who is into black furniture right now?!

But seriously, no, have no fear, our back deck will be a nice shade of natural cedar. Exciting, isn't it?


Eryn said...

i feel the same way, everything i have purchased or painted in the last 6 months has been black. i cant get enough! good thing we already have a crib, or i would be trying to find a black one.

shawna said...

to funny! Rex always rolls his eyes when we are at the store and one of the girls will point out a (brand new) piece of furniture and say, "hey mom, you could buy this and paint it black!"

Don't forget your front door you painted, we drove by your house today and Merikate and Brooklyn noticed it and were complimenting on how nice it looked. :)

Josh and Brooke said...

did you paint your front door black too?

i mentioned the idea of black baby furniture to josh and he gave me a very weird look. i don't think he was very fond of the idea...

Caleb and Anna said...

Caleb just bought black paint today as he's going to sand and paint his desk. Hopefully it will come out!

Caleb and Anna said...

Um, that sounded funny... I meant turn out, as in turn out well!