Monday, April 16, 2007

Will this be the end of the thumb?

I found this funny ad from a Popular Science magazine dated May 1938 about thumb sucking. Ethan is my thumb sucker, still going strong at age 3. I have never been overly concerned, because after all, I needed my thumb until kindergarten, I'm pretty sure I recall. We all need a little comfort now and then.

Of course my dentist doesn't agree. :) We had an impromptu meeting with him today, after a small playground accident turned bloody. Too graphic for you? Well then, all I'll say is, one of Ethan's front teeth got pushed back a bit. And of course there was lots of bl**d. Lots and lots. Thankfully we had leather seats for the ride home.

The dentist said that more than likely Ethan's tooth will discolor, which I was sad to hear. But the hardest part about all this is, Ethan is really missing his thumb! No nap for him today because he just couldn't settle down without it, and we kept him up late enough tonight at Dave's softball game that he fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. But we have to wonder, will this be the end of Ethan's beloved thumb?


Michelle said...

Poor little guy. I wouldn't worry about his discoloration. Did the dentist say it would affect his adult tooth when it comes in?
Michelle Moses

dave & rachel said...

No, he didn't think that it would.

Josh and Brooke said...

poor ethan! please don't make him wear one of those scary mittens with the rubber fingers!!! :o) that was just creepy looking!

he's just having a rough couple of months with having to give up his diapers and now his thumb! that's about as tragic as it gets for a 3 year old! :o)

bandanachick said...

Awh poor Ethan. Man, first Simon's teeth and now Ethan's! At least they are the baby teeth.
I would have to agree with Brooke, that mitten looked really scary!

Eryn said...

i dont know, the rubber things might be more interesting to suck on than fingers.......
i too, was a thumb sucker, till third grade!
i think almost every guy i know has a discolored or fake front tooth or teeth. that seems to be the area they hit or hurt most often!