Monday, July 04, 2011

So many reasons to praise the Lord this week:

82. Watching my son work hard to overcome a batting slump.

83. 3 hits in one game.

84. Date night, and a little closer to having a name for our son.

85. Sweet neighbor friend for the boys to play with.

86. A night away with my love.

87. King Salmon special.

88. Watching my kids play with an old friend's kids - hoping lasting friendships form!

89. Piles of fabric on my dining room table.

90. A bed for Clare.

91. Learning to let go {a bit} and trust Him with my children.

92. Collins Park parade - a hidden treasure

93. Shade

94. The special bond between my daughter and her Grandma Hart.

95. Lots of family time

96. 59 more days!


Anonymous said...

hey rachel! just found your blog...again! its been a long time since i've seen/talked to you! congrats on another blessing! we are expecting a boy as well in oct/nov! looking forward to hearing what his name is!
~allison day

Caleb and Anna said...

Glad your getting some good quality time in with family and Dave before baby comes- what a blessing!