Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wish I was back there...

We just got back from a wonderful week in Estes Park, Colorado - the whole Renes family stayed in a cabin together {except for Matt and Erica, who are in the midst of camp season right now}. It was wonderful weather, 70's during the day and 50's at night - which was such a relief from this heat wave that is hitting the midwest right now.

Today in Topeka the heat index was 111. Um yeah.


Just being in the cooler weather brought my activity level way up - I didn't think there was any chance I'd want to hike this trip {I'm 34 weeks now}, but I did and actually enjoyed it.



Ruth and I were a bit of a spectacle on the trails though - big pregnant bellies and lots of little kids running between us - made for lots of comments. :)


Tuesday was the beginning of Rooftop Rodeo, and there was a parade downtown to kick things off. Lots of pretty girls on horses mostly, and some firetrucks and farm equipment. Good ol' small town parade. The kids loved it {although Austin wasn't too sure when we first got there - hence the face ;) }.


Just down the hill from our cabin was Fun City - go carts, mini golf, bumper boats, etc... the kids begged to go any time there was a lull in activity. Pretty much every day. ;)








One of several elk we had venture right up to the cabin.








Night sky in Estes. More pictures to come!



Reagan said...

These pictures make me earn for a family trip. I love Dave and Ethan's faces in the go carts and then the picture of Nate and Dave with their girls on the slides. So sweet! Brighton was sitting with me and able to point out Clare in all the pics too :)

Oh yeah, I want to see a couple of you and Ruth together!!

Reagan said...

Oh yeah - my first thought when I saw your font "That looks like Rachel's handwriting." I love it.

Shawna said...

Such a fun trip!

And yes, the font messes with my head.. I feel like you wrote me a letter with pictures. :)

Rachel said...

About the font, I know! I saw it and thought I'd try it just for fun {not sure its very readable, but it definitely reminds me of my own handwriting}. :)

Mary Ellen said...

I came across your blog while searching for a sheep costume (loved the tutorial, thanks!) Your family, writing, and pictures are beautiful! I'll be back...