Thursday, October 23, 2008


So how far along does my baby ticker say that I am? It reads correctly for me (and my sister) - 11 weeks, 3 days - but not for everyone! So I'm curious. Is it an isolated event with her computer, or do I need to redo the code? Let me know!


Anonymous said...


Have no fear- it reads correctly with me. In fact if you click on the numbers it gives 4 different time frames- 200 days to go, 80 days so far, 11 wks 4 days so far, and 28 weeks and 3 days to go. Hope that helps! How are you? So excited for you! Are you hoping its a boy or a girl? I'd have to say I've hoped every single one of mine was a boy, so the Lord gave me my hearts desire until my last little one. I was hoping she was a boy, but how excited and thankful I am now to have my little Kate...what a blessing she is. So, I'm hoping you have a girl, but either way, what an amazing blessing they are!

Marcie said...

11w 3d is what I see. I had this same ticker and Allison is right you can see days and weeks left, etc... It's kind of neat. You are almost under 200 days!

Kelly said...

Mine says 199 days to go!! Very exciting!!

Eryn said...

198 days to go!