Thursday, October 23, 2008

2 (and a half)

You are 2 and a half now, as you tell everyone you meet, and you are really growing up. Every day you make us laugh - just by your seriousness about everything. When we ask you why you are doing something, your favorite reply is, "Just because." I think you must have heard that somewhere a time or two.

You are still obsessed with all things Cars Movie and related. You sit for long periods of time and line up cars in a row, most of which are different versions of Lightning McQueen that your push-over mom is guilty of buying you. But oh the delight on your face! I can't resist it. Will you be an engineer someday like your daddy, with all this methodical play? I wonder as I watch you.

You are also a copy cat. Yes, you want to do everything Ethan does, and right behind him. You two are rarely apart. What will you do next year when he goes to kindergarten? I am thinking you won't know what to do with yourself - good thing another little playmate is coming.

You came in a little while ago and asked for a wink (even though you know how to say "drink," you always still call it that).

I love you, sweet boy.


Jessie said...

Benny did the same thing. Asher doesn't line up cars but he does do what ever Benny does. Brothers are so fun!

Kelly said...

So sweet, Rach! Your dear Simon is a sweetie! Thanks for letting me enjoy your boys! Love you and praying for you!

bandanachick said...

Ah, sweet little Si.
Isn't it a given for the second child to copy the first? I remember a few things about that. :)

Anonymous said...

That's a nice pic of Si. Did you take that? Mom