Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas 2007

We celebrated Christmas with the boys on Christmas Eve morning. Dave had the day off work, and the boys slept in until 9:30 am (probably the last year we can enjoy that on Christmas morning!). We all cuddled in bed for awhile together, until Dave finally suggested that the boys go check under the tree. Peeking in their stockings kept them occupied for awhile.

And even now, when someone asks Ethan what he got for Christmas, he says, "Um, I got some gum!" His own pack of bubble tape - I remember how exciting that kind of thing was as a kid.

The night before, Ethan and I baked a cake to celebrate Jesus' birthday, and while it was in the oven, Dave read to the boys from the book of Luke. I am not sure if angel food cake (covered with strawberries!) is typical fare for the night before Christmas, but it sure went over well in my house.

Some of my favorite moments of the morning

I have LOVED experiencing the celebration of the birth of the Lord Jesus through my children's eyes this year. As soon as we broke open the Christmas decor boxes, the questions began, why are we doing this? and what is it all about? Ethan is very inquisitive, as anyone who knows him knows. :) And it has been so sweet to watch him learn. To see him try to comprehend how the God of the universe became a baby and was born into our world. Did He cry? How did the cows eat if baby Jesus was in their manger? His questions make me smile.

And I've been surprised too at how much he's been able to understand the bigger truths of the Christmas story. That the Baby in the manager came to die, to give His life to save us from our sins.

Because, as Ethan says, "it is very hot in hell. I wouldn't want to go there."

and tonight at bedtime, "Does Grandma know the Lord? But how do we know she does?"

I love how these kind of holidays are opportunities to help little ones understand the truth of God's plan of salvation, you know? We pray together for those we know who don't know Jesus as their Savior, and my heart longs for the day when Ethan will place his trust in Him too.


Kim & Dave said...

Very nice pics! Love the matching jammies!

I have never heard of giving new jammies at Christmas, but this year it seems like everwhere I turn, there is ANOTHER pic of kids w/ new matching PJ's. I think I will add it to our list of traditions!

Reagan said...

Ethan's hair is so crazy! Looks like they had a lot of fun. :)

Reagan said...
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Andy & Jenica said...

Yes, love the bed heads!

We have enjoyed purposely (also a bit of a challenge) making Christ the center of what we are celebrating with the kids. It's a wonderful opportunity to think of our big God as a tiny baby - something kids can relate to easily.

Thanks for sharing your sweet time with us.

bandanachick said...

Oh, it looks like so much fun. I can tell E and Si were loving every minute of Christmas.
It was great to video chat with you guys you!

Christina said...

I love the "just got out of bed" hair! So funny.

I love your idea of making Jesus a birthday cake. What a great way to relate the meaning of Christmas to little ones.

Kelly said...

I love the pictures...especially the one of E and his crazy hair expressing complete delight over his gift! And how sweet to be enjoying the story of our Savior's birth through the eyes of your children! praise the Lord!

Eryn said...

ella thought that picture of ethan with his new football was her! i guess she saw crazy hair and assumed it was her (as that is how she likes to look)