Thursday, July 26, 2007

Weekend Warriors

Dave and I have been cleaning up the yard the past couple weekends. We have a lot of landscaping and many, many trees, all of which were overgrown, making it really difficult to mow. And since that's my job these days, I was particularly interested in trimming things up. Here are before shots of what the backyard looked like (this is the north east edge).

The first picture is of my sadly overgrown garden. That's all weeds, baby.

This is the east side of our backyard. See how the grass goes between and behind all those bushes? It had to go.

The bush on the left blocked our view of our neighbors' backyard, which is probably why the previous owners planted it. But since Ethan plays over there, I prefer to be able to watch his every move. He's only 3, you know!

Man, looking at these pictures, I'm realizing that our yard looked like such a jungle! It's a little embarrassing...

I'll post the after pictures tomorrow, when my husband brings the camera home. :)

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Eryn said...

i love working in the yard! i cant wait to see what you did.