Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My latest project

I've been inspired the last couple of weeks to pull out my sewing machine again. We've either been sick or it's been raining, so most evenings after we've gotten the kids into bed, I've had some free time on my hands. And to tell you the truth, I think that sewing is one of my favorite hobbies. When I create something that adds beauty to our home, I get the best feeling. I told Dave the other night that it's probably similar to hitting a home run in softball, but he just looked at me like I was totally insane.

"As long as it makes you happy," he replied, barely looking up from his major league baseball game on tv. We are sooooooo different, he and I. And I'm pretty sure I will always be somewhat of a mystery to him. :)

Almost a month ago now, I spotted a white wicker chair at a garage sale in our neighborhood. The lady was asking $15 for it, and I offered her $11. She took it, and I was thrilled! It's in great shape, and I was wanting more seating in the living room. And I knew just what color to paint it. Is there any other color?, you ask...of course not!

Black, it is.

It came with a cushion that was in great shape, but with a slightly early 90's look. I gave it a cleaning in the washing machine, and then my mom covered it in this heavy, textured fabric I found. Didn't she do an awesome job?!

I made a lumbar pillow to go on it. So, help me out...which side do you prefer? The silk or the floral? I can't decide.

I also made some throw pillows for the couches to match. The front pillow pictured is from Hobby Lobby, but you can see the silk one behind it.

And a floral one.

It was my first time to use tassles, but after a tutorial from my ever-so-talented sister Ruth, I think I got it!

This is currently where all the creating takes place, my dining room table.

But my next project--after I finish 2 more silk pillows for the couch--will be painting a desk that I found at the Goodwill so that I have an actual place to sew.


shawna said...

love the pillows. i can't decide which side I like best...how about you just rotate it. you know every time you pick it up off the floor you can change it. i am always telling the girls...if I had a nickel for every time I straightened the couch pillows, I would be a rich woman!

dave & rachel said...

Good plan! But how will I ever keep track? :) Just kidding...I thought I liked the silk better (and in fact, I just didn't have enough of it to do both sides), but now I'm glad that I made one side in the floral.

My kids like to throw the pillows off too, but so far, they haven't touched that one. Simon is the only one who sits in that chair, and he must like lumbar support!

meesh said...

I like the silk side best...but it's fun you can change it up a little too! I am amazed at anyone who can sew! Way to go!

Reagan said...

I like the idea of each side being different...it gives it more variety! I also love the black. Of course I am starting to worry that my house is going to look TOO black because all of my furniture is that color!

maryanne helms said...

Definitely the floral side. I am such a sucker for the romantic look of flowers...and I adore the tea-stained look the material has. I think your room is beautiful. I love the way you have put your home together with such creativity and commitment to budget. Really inspiring!

Kelly said...

Your pillows look great, Rach! Let's get together soon and you can give me sewing pointers! I have this great sewing corner in my basement but no sewing skills whatsoever!! :-) And, I like both sides of the pillow and love Shawna's idea to keep it swapped up!! I'm always so inspired by your crafty abilities!! You've got a great knack, Rach!!

bandanachick said...

Amazingly I think I like the floral with that cushion better. It brings out more of a contrast. I LOVE the silk though, so whatever you choose will look great. You have done a great job, I always love to see what you do!

andyandjenica said...

Why don't you ask Dave what side he likes and if he's for the rotating idea? Hehe.

The fabric you used is pretty and not so too trendy.

Pillows are about the only thing I like to sew. If fact I do 3 different sets, fall, winter, & spring/summer. Is that cheezy or what?!

I put zippers in them and just change out the covers using the same pillows. It's amazing what a change you can make with just couch pillows.

I have a bag of fabric sitting here I need to get made into pillows. I got some cool floral fabric at GW.

Looks great Rachel! I love the wicker chair!

Qtpies7 said...

I love the floral side, but I think you should switch back and forth each week, or day, or whatever, lol. They are both very nice.

Caleb and Anna said...

I thought that was funny about you and Dave being so different. Maybe you're normal and he's different! ha! You can tell him I said that. ;) Anna