Thursday, August 03, 2006


We had our VBS in June this year. Our theme was the Law of the Leper, and our speaker Ken Miller used leprosy as a picture of sin. The kids were riveted to his every word. We decorated the church to look like a Jerusalem marketplace, complete with a large tent, giant palm trees, a Jerusalem cityscape, and an almost life-size camel that actually bobbed its head! In the picture below, you can see me (Rachel) and the rest of the Leper skit cast...every night we performed a portion of a skit that Dave and I wrote based on the story of the ten lepers who were healed by Jesus. Obviously we made our own costumes. :)

Ethan went to VBS this year. He's a little young...we usually start them at 4, but since Dave and I were helping out, we brought him along. He LOVED it, and still sings his version of all the songs. I say his version because sometimes it is really hard to determine what he's singing...all the words sort of blend together into this sort of rhythmic chanting, complete with motions, of course. It's hilarious.

We had the kids wear headbands for nametags this year. Here's Ethan in his...usually the name is printed on the band, but for some reason, Ethan's is not. I think we all know who that troublemaker is anyway. :)


Anonymous said...

WOw. VBS looks like a blast. Thanks for the update.

Bruce and Cindy (from Chicago)

tr said...

Your VBS pics are so neat! I love the headbands! so fun! I love looking at the chapel. It's like a living room feel! Wonderful!