Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Clean Plate Club

Did you guys grow up having to eat everything off your plate before you could leave the table? My parents called it the Clean Plate Club. And it was not just in order to have dessert. No, we didn't really have dessert that often. We just had to finish what we were served, be thankful you even get to eat, there are starving children in Africa, and so on....

For those of you who are especially close to me, you'll recall a certain story involving a family dinner, my dad, me and a plate of homemade chicken. Let's just say that I wasn't a big fan of chicken when I was a child. And I'm particularly stubborn too. :)

So tonight at dinner, I was reminded of all of this. I tried a new recipe for Chicken Pockets (chopped chicken, cream cheese and cresent a mini calzone almost) which was in an effort to appeal to Ethan's tastes. Nothing doing. He was not impressed. And being the 2 1/2 year old that he is, he promptly refused tentatively gave it a try.

Then came the hilarious part of our dinner conversation:

Ethan: I not liiiiike it, Daddy.
Dave: Sorry, Ethan, you have to eat what Mommy makes. That's the rule.
Ethan: But I not want to! (very sad look)
Dave: Ethan, without rules, what would we have?
Ethan: (perks up) Chicken!

I don't know why Dave and I thought this was so funny, but we could not stop laughing about it. Dave is always asking Ethan these retorical questions (in jest), and it's not like he is expecting an answer.

But yes, we made him eat his chicken. Just like I said I'd never do when I grew up and had my own family!

On another note, here's what Simon was chewing on during dinner...

The spanky spoon (known to some as a Home Depot paint stirrer)! Hmmmm....

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HopiQ said...

Oh, that could be a story from our house! A friend of mine in college used to make cream cheese chicken pockets, and just the other day I found the recipe online. I hope my kids won't have fits when I make it. So often just getting them to try it is the biggest hurdle. Once they take a bite (OK, it's usually Gray), he grudgingly admits that he likes it. :)