Saturday, August 12, 2006


I wish I could post a picture of how exhausted I feel tonight. I doubt it shows on my face, but it's for real, I tell ya. I'm not sure I've ever been so tired in all my life. Do you feel sorry for me? :)

Hmmm...well, it's been a busy weekend so far, and I'm pretty sure that it's going to continue that way. You would think by now that I'd be used to this pace. I think it's a combination of the still-getting-up-at-night-sometimes-nursing-baby-thing and the husband-who-never-slows-down-for-a-minute. I am in awe of him really. He doesn't sleep much.

We had a Sunday School icecream social here tonight to kick off the new school year (it was for the teachers, not the students :). Dave is the Sunday School superintendant at the chapel now, and he's been meeting with a committee all year to come up with an organized program so that our kids graduate with a clear understanding of the gospel, a knowledge of the Scriptures, and have learned how to "rightly divide the Word of Truth." It's been a neat process.

One thing Dave and I have been thinking about it in relationship to Sunday School is how much all those kids are watching our lives and actions. It is such a huge responsibility to be a Sunday School teacher! And the natural question to ask ourselves is, "Am I living a life that reflects how important the Lord Jesus Christ is to me? Am I conveying that to those who are learning from me?" In Acts 2:42, the early church was characterized by continuing steadfastly in 4 areas: the apostles’ doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayers. It was in this setting that the Lord worked mightily, and He “added to the church daily those who were being saved” (v.47). I LOVE THAT!!!! If our goal is the salvation and growth of our young people, our teachers should be people who are characterized by regular attendance and participation in the Lord’s Supper (breaking of bread), the Family Bible Hour (the apostle’s doctrine), the weekly Prayer Meeting, and times of fellowship.

Okay, so this is hard. Especially if you have young children. Or if you just have a full plate, with too many committments. Or if you're just a little bit lazy--ahem!--I mean exhausted, like I am tonight. :) I don't feel like getting up early and making it to the Lord's Supper tomorrow. Dare I admit that!!! But you know what? I will get up early, because the Lord Jesus Christ is the only One worthy of my mornings, my committments, my passion. I want to serve Him with my life, and I want my children--and those taught by me--to see that He is my life.

And I want the Lord to work mightily here.

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shawna said...

See you there! :)

You know I agree with everything you wrote, I just love the shepherding that the Lord has blessed us with. We are so blessed to have oversight that is looking out for us, protecting us and leading us in truth!