Saturday, August 05, 2006

Garage Sale Find

I have been praying, every time I go out to garage sales on Friday or Saturday mornings, to find 2 things we've been wanting for awhile. A dining room table with 6 chairs, for more seating when we entertain. And a train table for the boys. This week I found both!

Thursday, when Ethan and I were playing in the backyard, I noticed that my neighbor was having a garage sale. It didn't look like she had too much stuff, but I walked over anyway (more to be friendly than to shop) and there it was.... our dining room table, complete with 6 chairs! Problem was, it looks a little dated, and she had it marked $100 for the set. I didn't really wanted to spend that much, so I looked, talked to my neighbor for a few minutes, and then went back home to ask the Lord what He thought. The more I prayed (Ethan kept asking, "Mommy, why not listening me?" :), the more I was convinced that this was the table for us. So I went back over to the sale and asked what her lowest price was. And she said, "For you, let's say $50!!!" I was elated! What a deal! So here's a before picture...they are all solid wood, so Dave is going to sand everything down. And then we'll prime and paint them all black.

I removed the seat cushions today, and I'm trying to decide what kind of fabric to cover them with. Any ideas?

So, I'm thankful to the Lord for His provision. I've been wanting to buy a dining room table for about 8 months now, and contrary to my nature, I've been trying to be patient and just see what the Lord had in store for us. Instead of just rushing out and spending money on something new, even though I made enough at my garage sale last spring to cover it. Just because we can afford something doesn't mean it's the Lord's best for us, and I've been trying to put on that mindset, that the Lord really does care about the small details of our lives. And that even something like a dining room table, because He was the Giver, can bring Him glory.

Oh, yes, and Ethan loves his new train table too. :)


Anonymous said...

Love the story, Rachel. God loves those that wait on Him.

B & C

bandanachick said...

Yeah! I am so happy for you and can't wait to see the final product. I know it will look great!

andyandjenica said...

Your set will look great painted black! I covered our dining chairs with patio/outdoor fabric. It's not plastic, don't worry! But it's water resistant and more durable than most fabrics. Thought it would be nice for inevitable messes of children. =)