Monday, September 12, 2011

Shirtless little boys and other after school stuff

If I were choosing an after school hobby for my boys, I'd never pick skate boarding. Isn't it a little dangerous??? I can't believe we've survived this summer without any broken bones, to be honest.

But they love it. And thanks to Shawna, we now own a ramp for cool tricks and stuff. ;)


Simon isn't quite as daring as Ethan yet, but he is getting it. And he wins points for best tan.


More tricks. Just now realized he's wearing flip flops. What the heck?!




My cutie patootie.


Meanwhile Jonas and Mom enjoy some quality time on the porch.



Ethan and Simon keep asking when they can teach him to skateboard. ;)

1 comment:

Kelly said...

I just love these pics and how they reveal the love boys have for having fun outside..even if they are doing dangerous things!

Praying for you...and I need to call you this week so we can make plans for me to meet Jonas..and get the blessing of seeing the rest of you too! :)