Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10:30 pm - can I turn out the lights now?

Today was a good day. It really was, especially when I look back on it and realize how much I accomplished, 3 weeks post partum. And yet I cried real tears twice, over things that shouldn't have been a big deal on their own. Once was just a little while ago, after our very long day of running around all over the place {Tuesdays are just nuts around here}. Clare spilled the remains of her watermelon slush on the carpet, and I just couldn't help it. The craziness of the day caught up with me and for a few seconds I allowed myself to think, I am not sure I can do this!

There's been errands to run, park play dates, lunches to pack, poopy explosion diapers {and not just from the newborn}, a broken garage door, 2 trips to the school, a very short nap {for me and the girl}, a 2 year old who very obviously needs lots of training, dinner, soccer practice, then kids club at church, and a wailing baby in the car wherever we went {I'm thinking he's not a big fan of the car seat - poor him!}.

In between I've run 2 loads of laundry, talked to the neighbor, nursed the babe 3 times in the car, worked on the kids club verse with the boys, run home for cleats and shin guards, turn around and come back again for the soccer ball. After kids club, I came home to nurse the babe again and tidy up for Dave's Bible study. He just got home a few minutes ago - had to meet a contractor after hours. Life doesn't slow down for him when we have a baby - for some reason, it actually seems to get all the more busy. ;)

So yeah, my life feels a little nutty right now. :)

Oh, but when he half-smiles in his sleep..


...the precious gift of another little life to be trained for God makes me grateful, for even the *hard* days.


I love how Jonas burrows down under one arm or the blanket when he sleeps. Makes him look like he's hiding from us. Maybe he is... I'd hide if I were him. ;)


Jessie said...

Love you lady, been praying for you. You are doing great!
Watching them sleep, even checking the older boys before bed confirms their sweetness and the blessing they are-helps make things worth it.

jenica said...

I think I remember that 3 week post partum week. It's when everything has to start happening again and you're glad, but not sure if you can do "all that" again + a newborn.

He's a sweetie. You're doing great just loving those little ones. Take care!

Caleb and Anna said...

Wow you are balancing a lot of life right now. I have been living off the verse "My grace is sufficient for thee... therefore I will boast in my weaknesses so that Christ's power may rest on me." 2 Cor 12:9 I know I am weak but He is sufficient!