Saturday, September 10, 2011

And now we're officially that BIG family


Our little man has arrived. Jonas Grove was born 2 Wednesdays ago, and we are loving him to pieces.


For the most part, I would call him a very easy baby. Not overly fussy - if at all - and loves to sleep. Tolerant of the many kisses he is given every day from adoring siblings {and mama}.

When he's sleeping, he makes the same squeaking noise that Ethan used to make when he was a newborn. :)


He was our smallest baby - 7 lbs, 1 oz, and 20 inches long - but with feet as big as these, he'll likely catch up and fit in with the rest of our brood. :)


A fussy moment - funny how it doesn't bother me as much, fourth time around.


Jonas was tongue-tied at birth, just like Ethan and Clare. We were so thankful for a pediatric hospitalist trained to do frenectomies, so he didn't have to wait a week to see the oral surgeon {and consequently have trouble nursing in the meantime. Now he is a pro!}.


We are continually praising God for our sweet boy and for His loving care over us throughout this whole pregnancy and delivery. It has been a crazy year - difficult for all of us - but we would say he is worth it. Love him so much!



HopiQ said...

SO worth it!!! He is precious. We love him, too.

Anonymous said...

Precious pictures of a precious little boy!

Jessie said...

So sweet

Marie said...

I found you through Ruth's blog and have loved reading your blog. Your little boy is just precious! We're expecting our second boy this January. That's so good that he was able to get his tongue clipped right away. I had no idea the problems it could cause with nursing and my dr's refused to do it until he turned 1. Needless to say he struggled with nursing and never really caught on. I know this time (if it happens again) to fight for them to clip it right away. Very frustrating. Again, adorable little guy you've got there! :)

Rachel said...

Hi Marie! I had that same experience with my first too. I ended up pumping for a few months, but eventually had to quit. Boy #2 was born without any tongue issues though, and I never had any trouble nursing him. Hope it works out that way for you! But even if it doesn't, knowing what you know now, you can be proactive and get it taken care of right away. It makes SUCH a difference, instantly. With my last 2 babies, I have nursed them immediately following the procedure and their latch was instantly better. Not everyone will encourage you to get a frenectomy done, but in my experience it was so worth it. Congratulations on boy number 2! :)

jenica said...

Ohhhh the sweetness. Jonas is super adorable and I love that blond hair!
What a wonderful BIG family! Watch out we got called the Duggars the other week...huh? ok?

Michelle said...

Love all the pictures Rachel. He's such a cutie:)!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rachel! What an adorable little blessing! I love his name. It goes well with all the other siblings! I'm thankful that God has brought him safely into this world. May Jonas' life be a life that brings glory to God!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was me. I forgot to leave my name...Allison (Day)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!!!! :) He's so cute - Congrats to you all!