Thursday, March 10, 2011

Midday rest for the Mama

The temp on my computer reads 54, and my bedroom windows are open - a real taste of spring! That, and the fact that my boys are playing happily in the backyard together, concocting up some sort of pirate scheme complete with eye patches and drawn treasure maps, last I heard. I have missed our backyard so much this winter.

Meanwhile Clare sleeps on, wonderful napper that she is. She needs it today - she's had a little fever and just not been herself. Poor baby. She's ready for spring too.

I'm 15 weeks tomorrow {I think}, and definitely starting to feel better. Still quite dependent on Zofran some days, but others I can get by with just one pill or half and almost feel normal. My energy levels have picked up this last week, and I'm actually doing some simple cooking and cleaning and exercising again. And it feels amazing!

Granted, I still have some days that are 1st trimester all over again {usually when I've had a busy weekend or been on my feet all day the day before}, but having some break in the sickness is such a relief.

Many people have prayed for me, and helped me out during this time...and I am so very thankful. I long to be the one who can offer help again, instead of always being on the receiving end. It's a rather humbling place to be. :)

But it has been special too, to be ministered to. To see the Holy Spirit whispering in someone else's ear about me - to feel the Lord's care for me in a real physical way - it has given me so much encouragement. Really, I am seeing how much this practical *meeting the needs of the saints* thing matters, how necessary it is to lift up the weak ones in our group of believers, to do everything we can to keep them going. When we're struggling, we need to feel the Lord's care, and often He chooses to show it to us through people.

People who listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and obey.

This week I'm thankful for:

39. Glimpses of normal

40. 1 Zofran days

41. God's Word written so many years ago - alive and essential to my everyday life

42. Date night starting up again - sweet friends reunited

43. A bedroom {and ajoining bathroom} to relax in - it is beautiful!

44. A husband who paints

45. A changing shape

46. Hearing my love teach the Word of God

47. The preciousness of the legacy of Don Schonberg

48. The generations who follow the Lord because a man chose to lead well

49. Online job charts

50. Work ethics being developed

51. Watching my oldest sweep and mop the kitchen today - what?????

52. A ready kindergartner

53. A school we love

54. The body of Christ - and what that means practically

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Erica said...

Rachel, I'm so glad to hear that you are beginning to feel better. I hope that you will continue to have more days that you don't have to take your medicine at all. Your little one is so blessed to have such a wonderful mommy who went through many weeks of sickness to bring him or her into the world. I love those flower pictures by the way. I just bought a fresh bouquet for our kitchen too!