Sunday, March 20, 2011

Simon turns 5!

A few weeks ago we celebrated Simon's birthday at the gymnastics place in town. A few friends and family {Grandma and Grandpa Renes were in town}, cupcakes with sprinkles, and a medal for the birthday boy - the perfect 5 year old party!

What a difference a year makes in a young boy's life...I love looking back on my kids' birthdays and thinking about how much they have changed and grown up. In many ways Simon is still my cuddly little boy {and I am going to miss him so much next year when he goes to school!}, but he is undeniably maturing, moving past the toddler stage.

I never thought I'd see the day something replaced his love of the Cars movie, but Star Wars and Legos have taken one short year. The box of Cars sits in the storage room in the basement, only pulled out for younger cousins now. Kinda makes me sad!

How can I describe the sweetness that is Simon? Even at 5, he still asks to snuggle with me. He is quick to offer offer to help me make dinner. He is naturally affectionate with others. Already I think he will make a sweet husband someday.

And his just lights up his face and his eyes crinkle and disappear. I love Simon's smile!

But he is nothing if not fiercely competitive, but even in that, we've watched him grow up a little this year. Not so quick to throw a punch if the game doesn't go his way. Learning to work it out with words {if I had a dollar for every time I have reminded him to do this...}.

We attended Kindergarten Round Up a couple weeks ago, and it was such an exciting day for him. He is so ready to go and learn, and I am starting to get really excited for him. A year ago I was a little skeptical, I just couldn't imagine him being ready to leave my watch for that long. He has just been a squirrelly kid! Couldn't keep his hands to himself AT ALL! But watching him with other pre-kindergartners the other day I realized, he is ready. Praise the Lord for a little maturity!

Usually he is our healthy kid, but today Simon is home from church with a sore throat. And I am enjoying his cuddles. :) We're looking through his Star Wars Lego sticker book that he got for his birthday and remembering his gymnastics party fun. I just love my sweet little boy!


Caleb and Anna said...

So glad you are starting to feel better. We are ready for spring too and will enjoy it that much more because of the long winter! Anna

Sarah said...

Love the picture of all the kids in the foam pit! I am equally amazed at how sweet and competitive these little boys can be, but what neat thing to see them learn that balance. His wife will be thankful for him and his godly parents who took such time and care in nurturing his spirit!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Love you all! Mom