Saturday, January 31, 2009

Update from a Sudafed Head

Where has the day gone? It's 6:17 pm, Dave is feeding the boys macaroni & cheese, and I am staring out at a dark sky. The gorgeous day was nice while it lasted - at least, I think it was. I spent a lot of the day sleeping, trying to get rid of this horrible cold. It's getting worse though, so it looks like all my weekend plans are out the window. :(

Dave took full advantage of the 60 degree weather though. Ethan has been dying to learn to ride a bike without training wheels, and that is definitely a *daddy* job these days. They went up and down the street - and I am betting Dave's back will be sore tomorrow!

Little brother is still content to ride his motorized tractor - no hard work for him!


Kelly said...

Great pictures, Rachel! What a fun thing to remember...little boys and their bikes!

Sorry you're feeling crummy. I hope you get the rest you need and that you get feeling better soon!

Christina said...

Sweet pictures! What a big boy...reading and riding a two wheeler? It's been a busy year for him, hasn't it?!

Hope you feel better soon.

bandanachick said...

Such cute pictures! I love that Simon is wearing the knee pads too, so funny!
I hope you start feeling better soon. It seems like whenever I am pregnant it takes forever for me to get over any kind of sickness. :(

Erin Conrad said...

ooh, those pics look really good! cute kids, of course, but the pics themselves are great! :)