Sunday, August 24, 2008

San Diego - Day 5

On Wednesday we headed north to Legoland. This was what Ethan was looking forward to the most - a whole theme park created out of and built around legos! It is created specifically for kids ages 2-12, and it was totally up the boys' alley. They were enthralled.

But before we left the condo, we discovered that a crayon had gotten into the dryer with the clothes somehow. An hour later, after lots of scrubbing, we had salvaged most of the clothes. But so much for getting on the road early!

We promised the boys that we'd stay until closing time, 8 pm. :)

Ethan says, in all seriousness, before we leave, "Mom, I'm going to go honk the bike horn so that God can hear me. Do you think He can hear me all the way back in Topeka?"

Dad and son, made out of Legos

When we got there, we noticed that Volvo parking was on the front row, right next to the gate. Too bad we didn't have our Volvo! Apparently the same people own Volvo and Lego, which is pretty fun.... and right inside the gate was this life-size Volvo SUV made out of legos!

The Skyride was rather scary!

This was our view!

Si looked confused....

Favorite rides:
Simon - the Royal Joust in Castle Hill - a horse ride along a track. He wanted to ride this one over and over, probably because he got to ride it by himself. Simon is lucky that he is tall...36" was the height requirement, and he just made it.

Ethan - the Dragon in Castle Hill

Towards the end of our day we visited Miniland, an area of the park where famous United States landmarks are created out of Legos. It was pretty awesome, especially the New York City skyline.

At the end of the day the boys spotted this place where you could build your own Lego race car and give it a test drive. They were all about this! It was like this place was designed with Ethan and Simon in mind!

Crazy stuff I've overheard Dave say today:
Don't grunt at me with that tone! (we laughed so hard over this one)

You can't have your apples until you eat all your fries, young man.

No more chanting, boys, and I mean it. (the repetitive chanting has got to stop! If I hear "Si-MON, Si-MON, Si-MON" chanted one more time, I am going to blow my lid...)

We loved Legoland!!!!!


Brooke said...

That picture of Simon with the sunglasses is hilarious! I love it!!!

Shawna said...

looks like a total blast!

I love the pictures of E with the guide map in his hand. Firstborns! They are always ready and scouting!

I cracked up at the comments from Dave, the fry one has been uttered here too, rex always says, wait a sec?! have an apple! what am I saying?!

A &J said...

I didn't know such a place existed! Isn't it fun to watch you kids having a such a good time?

Reagan said...

Man, that looked like so much fun! And of course, you always look cute :) I want to know if Dave was talking to YOU or the BOYS when he said "no more grunting at me in that tone" lol

Reagan said...

Oh also..that stinks about the crayon in the washer! That would be such a mess...

Marcie said...

Oh, my nephew would love that place! Looks like you all had a great time. What fun memories you are all making :)

Eryn said...

wow, looks so much fun!
i am always saying to ella, "no more green beans till you eat your______!"
crazy mom!

Kelly said...

Great pictures, Rach! It makes me want to go to Legoland! will you lend me your boys so I don't look too silly going by myself?! Can't wait to see you...and hear all about your adventures! :-) Love you!