Wednesday, August 20, 2008

San Diego - Day 2

On Sunday we drove to Mission Beach which is just a few minutes away from where we're staying. It is just a gorgeous area, lots of palm trees, grassy areas, and playgrounds right by the beach. From the beach you can see Belmont Park, with all kinds of shops, places to eat, and a huge roller coaster right on the water. The sand here was littered with shells. And since it is in the bay, there weren't any waves, which was a nice change.

We came back to the condo for lunch and then headed out again to the very touristy Seaport Village, where we rode the carousel, ate some icecream and looked at all the boats on the water.

The weather here has been perfect - the sun feels very warm but with a nice cool breeze. I could seriously live here!

Things to remember about Sunday:
  • The boys looking for shells with their dad reminded me of our trip to California when I was nine or so. One of my best memories of growing up. My dad got out there in the water with us kids, and I remember being amazed (dad didn't do water much) and thrilled about it. All my best memories of my dad are from vacations we took, and I'm loving that we are able to take a family vacation with our boys too. Just for the memories and the time the kids get to spend with their dad.


Reagan said...

The weather out there IS nice isn't it?

Growing up I was always amazed when my dad would get in the water too...he would play "shark and minnow" with us. It was our favorite thing but didn't happen very often!

You guys aren't moving are you???? Jere and I stayed in Topeka and aren't moving to Europe because our friends are here! :)

BruinsDoins said...

Are you going to hit IKEA while you're there? Yet another reason to love San Diego =) Or Lego Land? That's fun for everyone! San Diego really is the best vacationing spot!

Kelly said...

It looks like such a great time! I love the beach! Enjoy your relaxing time and we'll have to swap vacation stories when you get back!!

Stacy said...

Sigh, thanks for posting the pictures. They are all bringing back memories - I miss it there! I'm glad you guys are having such a great time!
Have you come across crystal Pier? I think it is in PB and there is a restaurant on the corner next to it that has awesome breakfast's. If only I could remember the name... Anyways, just in case you are out that way sometime!!!

Kim & Dave said...

Love the pics, Rachel!!!

Looks like so much fun!!!