Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Randomness...and where, oh where, did my header go?

I messed with some internet settings on my laptop (on ACCIDENT!), so I couldn't use it for almost a week now. I have missed my laptop! Boy, a desk top computer is just NOT the same.

Beth tagged me a few days ago, so I need to respond to that. Anyone care to know 7 random things about me? Oh well! You don't have to read it if you don't want to!

Here's the rules:
  • Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
  • Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
  • Let them know they are tagged by leaving comments on their blogs.
So here we go:

  1. I love brussel sprouts - they are one of my favorite veggies. I have found the best way to make them is to roast them at 400 degrees for 40 minutes, tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper. This is Reagan's recipe, by the way. Yummy! (Dave does not agree, by the way)
  2. One of my absolute favorite things to do is work in the yard. You never would have guessed this watching me grow up (I was horrified by dirt - if it got on my shoes, I cried! Even when I was 15! :), but now I just LOVE to dig in the dirt and move plants around, mow, landscape, etc... in fact, Dave and I spent the weekend doing this, and obviously we are a match made in heaven, because we both agreed, it was so fun!
  3. Even though we are technically 21 months apart, my mom claims that my sister and I are really twins. She has validated this by watching us choose the same paint colors for our homes even though we live miles apart. And then for Mother's Day, apparently we both sent her red and yellow tulips on the same day. Even though neither of us have ever sent her flowers before.
  4. I started running again last fall, after a 5 year break. And wow, it has not been easy. I still rarely run more than 1 1/2 miles at a time, usually 4 days a week. It kills me to see how out of shape I am.
  5. I have an obsession with all things black: furniture, accessories, you name it - okay, you probably already knew that! But does that make me morbid?
  6. Some of you may know this; others may not. My email addy is based on the brand of guitar that once upon a time I used to play. That seems like a different life, but I'll always love my Guild!
  7. I am so pumped because I just saw that the show The Mole is coming back to ABC after 4 years! Dave and I used to watch this show back when we were dating. We lived in 2 different states at the time, but late at night he'd call and we rehash the show and make bets on who the mole was. That brings back such good memories!
I'm tagging:

Have fun, girls!


Reagan said...

Your first mistake to feeling out of shape NOW, was running in the first place :-)

You should have done my plan - work out 2 years from now REALLY hard so I'm not stuck NOW wishing for the body I used to have. I won't be wishing for it because it was never *spectacular*. What do ya think of that?!

Reagan said...
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dave & rachel said...

Haha...well, I'm not aiming for spectacular, anyway. That dream ended when I had my first baby!

bandanachick said...

I agree about the brussel sprouts, yum, those are so good. I wish I had some right now...

Good for you running again. I have been running too, just for the past couple months though, but I ran two miles today and am SO tired now. It is really kinda sad.

Also, so excited about the Mole. I actually remember you talking to Dave about it when you were dating him. Wow, that was a while ago.

And about the twins thing...well, Nate is reading this comment (without reading your post), and he said "Rachel is running too", you guys are twinkies. Ha!

Erin Conrad said...

Hey girl! For some reason that post made me sad. I think because I can picture the 15 year old girl and I miss the days when we saw each other ALL the time. Your blog makes me happy. Love ya!

Eryn said...

i remember what an awesome runner you and ruth both were. i tried it, just so ruth wouldnt think i was a wouse. i was terrible. i still just walk on my treadmill. so boring i know.

Anonymous said...

I had to come and read your 7 things since I just read Shawna's! I love learning new things about you that I didn't know before - I may have to try the brussel sprouts in the oven - I've always just boiled them and liked them so-so ~ they taste so "earthy" to me!