Saturday, May 24, 2008

Okay, now I'm motivated

I think it's funny that, after 9 months of running, all it takes to kick my butt into gear is my sister's admission that she is running further than me. Go figure. I am so competititve, I guess!

Or maybe I just need some motivation to try harder. After all, several year ago I was running 4 or 5 miles a day. Why can I barely make it a mile and a half now?

So I'm kickin' it up a notch - I am going to get in better shape.

I'm headed out for a's a gorgeous spring day, and hopefully I can get a good one in today. We'll see.


Kelly said...

Good for you on being motivated! I've decided that this is the year of getting in shape. Like you, I just really want to get in shape! Go year 30!! :-)

bandanachick said...

You are so funny. You know if I can do it, you can too. After all, I was never the runner of the family. :)

bandanachick said...

Oh, and also, I only kicked it up a notch to two miles when I ordered a swim suit online and it didn't fit. Ah! So depressing.

A & J said...
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A & J said...

Very funny!
But good job Rachel!

I love running - most of the time. Speaking of 30, A and I are running a 1/2 marathon in one wk - 3 days before my B-day. Maybe I won't feel quite as old?

So, tell us how your run went!

dave & rachel said...

My run was awesome! Usually I run on the treadmill during the day, since I'm home with the kids. Running outside with the iPod on was a lot more fun!

I think I went about 2 miles, by my calculations. It made for a nice Saturday feeling...and I'll enjoy my takeout tonight even more! :)

Jenica, that is awesome! I think I've only ever run 10 miles at one time (this was waaaaay back in the day), so 13ish sounds amazing to me! How are you training for that?

A & J said...

2 miles is great!

I follow the easiest training program I could find. ;)
I did it last year and liked it - it's on

I'll email you more of my lame tips.

meesh said...

Way to go, Rachel! Makes me want to get outside to run! I do think running outside is so much more motivating than on a treadmill! Keep up the good work!

Shawna said...

ohh fun! I love being outside to run, I really think it is a WAY better workout for me to get the sunshine and the fresh air with the workout.

I was just telling Rex that I wanted to start running again since miles bday is quickly approaching. It is time!

Erin Conrad said...

you look like you're in shape. i was noticing you in the pictures dave took and you look good! way to go, girlie.

dave & rachel said...

Thanks, E. :) I have a ways to go.