Saturday, May 24, 2008

Experimenting with ISO

These pics were taken at 400 ISO with my f-stop all the way open (for my zoom). Any tips? It's a cloudy day.


Brooke said...

I love the bed head look! :o)

If you were to shoot this in RAW you could adjust the white balance to make it look a little less yellowish. Another good thing about RAW!

I think the focus on the first one looks really good. Can you sharpen stuff in iPhoto? If you can, you should do a sharpen on his eyes and really make them pop! He has great eyes!

Good composition too. I like the way you cropped (or that may have been how you shot them, but either way... good job)!

Brooke said...

Nice bokeh too!

dave & rachel said...

I don't think you can sharpen certain areas of the photo in iPhoto, just the photo as a whole. This is why I need new software. :)

I'm not even sure there is an option of adjusting the white balance (or what that is, to be honest!). So much to learn. I am so excited though!

Just learning how to change my ISO and aperture has already made a huge difference. I cannot wait to learn more!

Oh, and yes, I noticed the bokeh too. :)

Shawna said...

love the pics!

Eryn said...

i think these pics are amazing! but then i know nothing about photography. i like them a lot.

Erin Conrad said...

with the technology of digital cameras these days, you can do so much [fyi, i first wrote "a lot" and then changed it to "so much" b/c i could hear miss bower's voice in my head. anyway...] with your ISO. with film the higher your ISO the noisier your photos, but nice digital cameras often balance out the noise and with editing software you can dial that ISO up and still get a great shot. does that make sense?