Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fort building and other thoughts

Wooden race cars from Grandma R. Oh what fun!

Spring is in the air around here, and I'm in the mood to blog again too. Why can't I be more prolific when it's too cold to leave my house??? There is just something about the promise of spring that inspires me.

To write....and to clean. To organize, to purge half my house. :) And to play too. Although right now, the boys are happily building a fort all on their own in the backyard. I can hear them giggling together, and it makes me so thankful that they have each other.

So I have a moment of quiet here in the kitchen. Dinner is in the oven, fresh bread is on the counter. Life is good.


Church Family said...

I'm glad my boys have each other too. Do you get to stay home with your boys? We also have spring weather here. Our Azaleas are blooming and the bees are humming...however the pollen is flying! When do you get to come visit in Oklahoma? It would be neat if we could see you again.

A & J said...

So that's where you've been! ;)
I understand what you mean about blogging slumps...
Nice hearing a bit from you.

dave & rachel said...

I would love to see you again too! I was just mentioning that to my mom the other day. We are only 4 hours from my parents, so we are able to visit fairly frequently. Do you have any plans to visit soon?

Yes, I stay home with the boys. I take it that you do too...even homeschool! I am impressed. You seem like a wonderful mom.

Reagan said...

mmm that sounds delicious. makes me want to stay home even more!