Friday, June 15, 2007

VBS update

VBS is going well so far. The candy bar bribery incentive program seems to be working, and we've had new kids each night! Most of the kids seem to be listening well, and this despite the fact that we have them in their seats for over an hour. I realized this last night, in amazement, when the kids were still fairly quiet during the skit time and verse memorization right before the game at the end. Maybe high expectations do yield higher results.

I wish I had video of the skit from last night. Joseph was in prison with the butler (Jeremy) and the baker (Todd), and the ad lib was hilarious! And Todd decided to do his part in an Irish/Australian accent, which paired with his Egyptian costume, was a riot!

Ethan has been looking pretty exhausted from all the festivities. This morning he slept until after 9 am, and when he got up, he looked like he had been in a battle with the sheets. :) I asked him if he had been dreaming, and he said, "Yes, I dreamed about cows. Big, fat ones. Like the king did."

(Only we haven't gotten to that part of the story at VBS yet. That's tonight, actually). So I asked, "How did you know about Pharaoh's dreams, Ethan?"

"Um, Mom, it's in my BIBLE!"

I guess I didn't realize that my 3 year old was putting this week's stories together so well!

Keep praying for us, as tonight is the last night. We are having an all-family BBQ and then everyone is invited to stay for the singing/message/skits/verse time. One family from our neighborhood has RSVP'd, and lots of other kids parents are coming too. This is such an opportunity to share the gospel with them! Pray for Ken, that the Holy Spirit would speak through him and win hearts for the Savior.

*Pictures are courtesy of Jere and Reagan. For lots more, check out their site.


Kelly said...

Rachel! I've been praying for you all week long (and in the weeks past as you've prepared!) Your decorations look great! And, the coat of many colors is fabulous!! Above all it looks the turn out has been really good! I'm saying a prayer for you all now!! Love you! --Kelly

marti said...

I am so impressed with the time and energy you all put into this opportunity! Ken has enjoyed it so much and is encouraged by the large turnout of kids.

He is on his way home even now and has so much to tell me! Thank you each one for your energy, prayers and hard work. We will continue to pray for blessing and longterm results from the message of the gospel.

God is so Good.

bandanachick said...

How did everything turn out last night? We were thinking of you guys, I am sure you are exhausted today!