Tuesday, June 19, 2007

To the doctor

Ethan had a really rough night last night. Even with cough medicine, he really can't stop coughing for any amount of time, so he was awake, in and out of our room, almost all night. He still has a high fever, and now he's completely covered with rash all over his trunk and legs. Not fun - for him, or for mom and dad. Everyone's eyes are just a little bloodshot today.

So we got the first available appointment at the doctor's office this morning, and waited.....and waited.....and waited some more. The waiting room was full of people, and I, like the responsible parent that I strive to be, kept my horribly infectious kids away from the play area, much to their dismay.

Finally they called us in, and we saw the nurse practitioner. He was concerned that it was turning into pneumonia, so he ordered a chest xray. Only we were about the 5th in line for that, so we waited another 30 minutes. Sigh.

Ethan went with the nurses all by himself to get his chest xray, while I waited in the room with Simon. When they came back, the nurse was smirking.

"Ethan and I had a good talk," she said. "He says that he is going to have a new baby brother!"

Ethan nodded, turned to me and said, "Can we, Mom? I reeeeeallly want one!"

Oh my word. JUST what I want to be thinking about right now!

2 hours later we headed to Walgreens to fill our prescription for Zithromax and cough medicine. Which, of course, took a half an hour too.

So it was after lunchtime by the time we got home. The boys nibbled at their PB&Js and yogurts, and finally-FINALLY-it was time for them to lay down for a nap. Never has nap time held greater appeal to me. Maybe Mom should nap too. What do you think?!

Picture above is from a month ago, when the boys picnicked on the deck. See how the stain turned out?


Eryn said...

how did the xrays turn out? that is always scary, the risk of pneumonia.

about ethans question,... i was wondering why you were looking for size one diapers.

dave & rachel said...

No pneumonia yet, but he was hospitalized for pneumonia last winter...so they were concerned.

I wasn't looking for size 1 diapers, it was just all that was left! So I decided to get them for a baby gift.

Or just in case Ethan knows something we don't. :)

April said...

Lets hope the meds start working quickly.

Ya know, with all the expecting announcements it is about time for someone else... :)

Kelly said...

I'm sorry the kids are still feeling crummy and it required a trip to the doc :-( Sad! I'm praying you all get better soon....and yes, let's get together soon for lunch! It was soooo good to talk the other night and catch up!! We must make a good habit out of that!! :-) Love to you and your family!

Josh and Brooke said...

kids are so funny! i wonder what in the world made him even think of that during his x-rays?!

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear about your day :( I've been through that situation all too many times this winter, as well. Hearing your children cough and not feeling like you can do anything about it is a horrible feeling.

HopiQ said...

Gray just told me yesterday that "waiting is the worst thing in the world!"

I hope you all can get some rest and that everyone is on the mend.

Jere & Reagan said...

That is too funny! I didn't realize the kids have been so sick...I think everyone has SOMETHING sickwise right now:( You know, I don't think I have seen your deck since you restained it - I've probably been over and didn't get to see it. Looks good in the picture!

Diane @ Candid Reflections said...

Hope the meds do the trick! Isn't it irritating to have to WAIT such a long time, especially with kids in tow. I guess it gives everyone a chance to work on patience. :-)

heather said...

Hey, Rachel...
I have news. I am applying for nursing school. I turned in all of my applications today and Lord-Willing I can get into the January program. Please be praying for the wonderful oppourtunity that the Lord has so wonderfully put before me!

dave & rachel said...

Yeah, Heather! I'll be praying for you! How exciting!

Qtpies7 said...

Whats with all the funky viruses that cause rashes? We've had that a few times this year, and recently, two weeks ago, had one that caused HIVES all over one of my boys! HIVES!!!!!!! HUGE hives!!! Can I just tell you, that was freaky?!?
I hope he's better soon!

Qtpies7 said...

Is everything ok? You haven't blogged again, so I hope that everyone is healthy now.