Wednesday, June 13, 2007

VBS begins!

I've been scarce around here because we've been gearing up for VBS for the past few weeks. We are having it this week, every evening from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm. Most of the preparations took place last week, and Sunday night a bunch of us met at the church to decorate the stage. Ken Miller is speaking about the life of Joseph this week, so we designed the set to look like Canaan and Egypt. Here's a picture of the set.

The camel from last year was revived. It doesn't bob it's head anymore, sadly, but it still looks good! Jere and Jeff also made a paper mache goat for us to use in one of the skits.

Dave wrote a skit for each night, following the life of Joseph. Of course he took some liberties with the text and added a little bit of humor and dramatic effects. :) Joe Hawkinson was cast as Joseph (was there ever any doubt?), and Jere, Jeff, Rex and Dave were 4 of Joseph's 11 brothers. Oh, and Tim was Jacob, Joseph's father. See the coat of many colors I sewed for Joseph?

Lots of fun singing with Joe. A favorite is The Fruit of the Spirit's Not a Coconut...

Ken gives out candy bars to each kid who brings a friend, and also to the friend that they bring. Here's a picture of Ratso, the fat-candy-bar-eating rat who lives inside the basket of candy bars.

Ken is using chalk talk pictures as he speaks. And at the end of each message, he compares Joseph to Jesus and gives the gospel. The messages have really been so excellent and understandable for little hearts! I have found myself very burdened this week for all these kids that have been coming, and have been spending a lot of time praying for their salvation. It's been kind of consuming, really, kind of similar to how you feel on a mission trip or as a camp counselor. Being aware and definitely sensing the spiritual battle going on, as the enemy would seek to detract from the Word of God. We have 3 kids from our neighborhood coming, and I don't think any of them are saved. Pierce, Grace and Tori. Pray for them! And I've invited a co-worker's daughter, so I'm praying that she calls me tomorrow to pick her up. It's encouraging to remember that all of this is the Lord's work, and that He is drawing the kids there and working in their hearts.

After the message, Rex does a memory verse with the kids. And then they head outside for games. Monday night we played water balloon volleyball and a water balloon toss.

Simon thought water balloons were for eating!

Snack time!

I was encouraged by this devotional by Elizabeth Elliott in my inbox yesterday:

Sometimes a hope or desire lays hold on one with such power that it becomes almost burdensome, even though the thing is a delight to contemplate. The ordinary business of life must be attended to, but this thing carries a lot of weight in soul, mind, and heart. It has a strong pull. And when you are carrying a heavy weight, you have to compensate in order to keep your balance. The best means to spiritual equilibrium, I find, is to look repeatedly at the things which are not seen, that is, at things which are eternal. What Evelyn Underhill calls "the pressure of the Divine Charity" forever urges me forward, counteracting the pressure of my emotions and human desires, reminding me with great patience and great persistence that this thing--this love, this longing, this huge desire--is the very thing God Himself gave, in order that I might have "somewhat to offer." He will see to it that it does not come to nothing, provided we lay it before Him, put it at his disposal.

Lord, all that I long for is known to you,
my sighing is no secret from you...
I put my trust in you, Yahweh,
and leave you to answer for me, Lord my God.
--(Ps 38:9, 15 JB)


Grace Powell said...

What a wonderful environment for these kids! You guys have really gone all out to make it impactful. It's great to see the pictures of dad in action too!

Eryn said...

that set looks great! and i agree with grace, i love seeing the men in action. it looks as though you have had a wonderful turnout of children. we cant wait for an update on the kids from your neighborhood.