Saturday, December 30, 2006

My family Christmas

You have to make the rounds, you know. So yes, this is number 3, the third round of Christmas for us. My boys don't know what to think! The presents keep coming, and the party never ends. I think Simon stayed in his Christmas pj's this whole extended weekend!

Ethan really enjoyed his Chief's jersey from Uncle Michael.

We had a wonderful time with my side of the family, especially with our very new nephew (or cousin) Austin Oaks. He is an adorable baby, and already very loved by the whole family. Here are some sweet pics:

And yes, I think this is a real smile! I am, afterall, going to win the favorite Aunt award in this kid's life. (Just kidding, Anna!)


Eryn said...

we have done the same thing. we had our third christmas last night with my family. my brother said this is the way it should be every year. a week long celebration. i know the kids definitely loved that part of it.

Anonymous said...

Too cute! I love the pic with Ethan and Austin. Ethan will be the cool older cousin!

Anonymous said...

Austin is sooo cute! Ethan looks like he is having so much fun with his new cousin and his new jersey!!

Caleb and Anna said...

Wait a second! I haven't even had a chance yet to win his heart as his favorite Aunt! Not fair! ;-)

bandanachick said...

Oh, so cute! Thanks for the pics...we didn't get any taken that weekend.
Hey and atleast you only have to compete with one person for favorite Aunt...I have to compete with five others plus a bunch of older cousins! I'd better start working harder!

erin said...

Adorable pics!!!!

I had to comment on your comment!! My jaw dropped when I read that you also have 2 boys, are a nurse, and you and your best friend married brothers (twins!!). How funny is that!! It makes visiting the in-laws such a treat because we get to hang out with our best friends, too!!

That is too neat! I love your web design!! Isn't Susie great?