Friday, December 29, 2006

2 cent pics

So I just have to pass this deal onto you! I read this online today:

Clark Photo has 2 cent prints if you use code 2cprints. Great time to get all those holiday pictures printed - and all the ones you've been putting off printing.
This code is only good for up to 150 4x6 prints, but if you have more than that to print, then you can sign up again with a different e-mail address and print more!

This is very motivating...maybe I will actually print all those pictures on my hard drive!


Josh and Brooke said...

thanks for the tip. have you had pics developed through them before? if so, do they do a good job? i have some developed through shutterfly and was not happy! i usually use photoworks, but would change for 2 cents a photo!!!

dave & rachel said...

No I haven't. It is such a good deal that I'm going to risk it. :)

bandanachick said...

Wow, that sounds great...Nate wants to know where you find all these good deals...!