Friday, December 29, 2006

Dave's Family Christmas

We had Christmas on Saturday with Dave's family, all 28 of us. Yes, 28!!! Isn't that insane? I didn't grow up with much of an extended family (or at least, we didn't celebrate holidays with them...or barely know them, for that matter. Which is a whole other topic, but an interesting one, when your parents are the only ones in their families who know the Lord. What a blessing for our children to grow up with extended families who will encourage them in their walks with the Lord! I'm so excited for my children to have this!).

So hope you don't mind a bunch of pictures...this family is huge!

The mother of all these wonderful people we call family!

Simon enjoyed Jacob's present quite a lot!

Doug got Harley posters! (yes, we are priveleged to be related to a man who is not only an elder in our local assembly, but a Harley-riding elder, at that!)


Brittany, Kim and Toni

Who gave you that lousy gift?

Chris got Seinfield Season 6!

One thing you can always count on at a family get-together is lots of laughing!

Isn't this the normal way to hold your child?

"Hmmm...I think he got more presents than me!"

Chris and Grace, who didn't pause one second between presents! She has got this down!

Simon and Daddy

And now for my favorite pics of the day...the little boys in their pj's:

Anyway, we had a brunch at 11 am, complete with egg casserole, chocolate chip bread pudding (Kim's been watching the Food Channel!), and homemade cinnamon rolls. Then we opened gifts, which takes a couple of hours. :) Then we just kept on eating.

All. day. long.


So you can't blame me that I still haven't lost this baby weight! I've married into a family that never quits eating!


Anonymous said...

those are great, thanks, I was so squished into my spot on the sofa that I couldn't get any pictures. You are awesome. Hey! I've been drinking slimfasts all week, does that count for something? Oh well, we're happy anyway. - T

dave & rachel said...

It only counts if you inspire ME to drink Slimfasts....and that, sadly, is not happening right now in my life. :) I am so the opposite of dieting right now! But I think about it every now and sure would be nice to fit into those clothes in my closet!

Eryn said...

i love the rule,"just plan on gaining 5 pounds around the holidays, then you wont be upset when you do!" isnt that what the holidays are all about? FOOD!