Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Missionary thoughts

I just read Brooke's post about Betty Stam, the missionary who was martyred with her husband in China, and I was reminded of how much I loved reading that book. I commented on her blog, but I'll post it here too. This quote has been in my Bible since high school, and I'm inspired every time I read it.

"There is nothing unpractical or disappointing about seeking to live victoriously and happily in Christ, provided you don't try so hard, but just trustfully let Him live. I was much impressed yesterday in reading that when God consecrated Aaron and his sons for the priesthood He literally "filled their hands" for a whole week (Lev. 8:33). When we consecrate ourselves to God, we think we are making a great sacrifice and doing lots for Him, when we are really only letting go of some little, bitsie trinkets we have been grabbing, and when our hands are empty, He fills them full of treasures. " ---Betty Stam

This is always my problem, trying so hard to live the Christian life happily.....all the while, clutching at the trinkets this life offers, assuming that He couldn't possibly fill the void when He takes them away. I guess I don't consciously think those things every day, but when I get really pensive and pyschoanalyze myself, those thoughts are there.

But He's so good! And His treasures are lasting! It makes me want to empty my hands in order to be ready for what He has.


bandanachick said...

Wow, I love your new template. Great job Dave! It is beautiful.

HopiQ said...

Beautiful thoughts from Betty Stam...and incredibly practical.

P.S. Your blog is lovely! The photograph just shouts, "God is so good! God is amazing! Look at the beauty He created! and He's doing great things in our lives!"

andyandjenica said...

Your template looks great. Funny, I am searching for a new one and my requirement is that it's green (my fav color). I was also wanting something with mountains maybe. So yeah, I love your taste!

Jane said...

I just found your blog through Susie Pie and I have enjoyed my visit. This post was very meaningful. It is something that I needed to be reminded of.
I hope you will come by and visit me sometime.
God bless you as you serve Him.

Caleb and Anna said...

I had just recently ran across a quote by Betty Stam again that I had put in the back of my Bible as a teenager. It is about adandoning ourselves to the Lord, and letting Him make of us a vessel of honor. What is her book called? I would like to read it. Thanks for your thoughts!