Thursday, September 07, 2006

Home at Last

This is a picture of my brother Michael walking a trail with Ethan, who was gazing up at him, adoringly. I think it's my favorite picture of the trip.

So, yes, we're home! Finally! And for all those of you interested, our vacation brings to mind 3 words: puke, screaming, and mountains. Yup, folks, they were beautiful. The mountains, that is. But the puking? Not so much. I hadn't considered how much nursing a baby (who just cut a tooth and got up every 2 hours all night) would affect my hydration. So yes, I got altitude sickness. Really, really bad. It lasted a couple of days--we almost came home early, in fact--but then I snapped out of it. We had a good time after that. Here are a few pics to prove it.

The gorgeous view from halfway up a 14'er

Dave, Simon and Ethan in front of a restaurant At the base of Quandry Mountain Who taught this kid to pose?Our cabin (and when Michael was there, it really did look like a VW car lot! He drives a GTI)
Michael and E, throwing rocks in the river

Our sweet fam

Well, my parents were on this trip too, but every attempt I've made to load a picture of them has failed. :) You'll just have to imagine them in all these pictures. And maybe we'll post more tomorrow.


shawna said...
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shawna said...

Wow! Your pictures are beautiful.
I can't wait to see more and hear all about it.

Although, I can't believe Dave would let you post a pic of him with a front pack on! what a dad!!!

andyandjenica said...

Sorry you got sick, ugg.

Looks like the weather was cool, that was probably nice.

Hiking and a baby bijorn reminds me of when Andy carrying Leyla said he could feel something warm and wet as we started the trail. I told him "you're fine let's go". When we pulled Leyla out at the top of the long hike up we were in shock at what a mess she had made inside the carrier and all over Andy's shirt. It was a fast hike down that's for sure!

Glad you all had fun!

bandanachick said...

Your pictures turned out great! I can't wait to see more of them. We wish we could have been there, but I am not sorry that I missed out on the puking...I am sure I would have been right there with you by the toilet!

eryn bloom said...

beautiful! sorry you got sick, but glad you had a good time after all.

Caleb and Anna said...

Great pics Rachel! You like like a family of professional hikers!-Anna

Ray said...

I truly enjoyed your pics, they were simply and majestically beautiful...Where were they taken? God's creation is AWESOME!

Thanks for sharing!

Carl and Tisara said...

Welcome back Rachel! Great pics!