Sunday, January 01, 2012


We call him Jones, or Jonesy, or Super Grover. Nicknames are big at our house. :)

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He is such a delight to all of us - his calm temperament and easy smiles make him pretty irresistible.

4 months is a fun age. He is playing with toys, sitting in his exersaucer, laughing at his siblings.

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One of the sweetest things about Jonas is that he loves to cuddle. He'd happily snuggle in my arms for a nap any day. But he easily lays down in his crib too - so, best of both worlds!

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I love this little sweetie.


Jenn Hethcoat said...

Rachel these pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I assume you are using your new lens?? :)

Of really doesn't matter with a subject matter this irresistibly adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Who can resist such a cute baby! Thanks for your Christmas card! What a beautiful precious family you have! Truly a gift huh?:)
Allison Day

Kelly said...

Oooh...isn't he just the most precious little thing....I need to come squeeze in some more snuggles before he outgrows them! :) In the meantime, do you mind giving him some snuggles for me!?

Lynn said...

I love the nickname Super Grover. In that first pic it actually looks like he is ready to fly. Maybe you could photoshop a cape into the pic =0]